Author: Scott K. White

At a time when data analytics is of paramount importance across industries, its role cannot be overemphasized. From traditional sectors to cutting-edge technology companies, data analytics serves as a linchpin for increasing efficiency, reducing costs and formulating innovative business models.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the telecommunications industry, where 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing paradigms, the importance of data analytics becomes even more evident.

Zhengyu Wei, an Arizona State University graduate with a master's degree in business analytics, began her career at T-Mobile, America's most popular wireless brand and the Un-carrier, as a contractor in 2020 and quickly rose to become an official team member by December 2021 due to their outstanding professional expertise. Her technical skills have led to significant improvements in operational efficiency, data transparency and the meaningful application of data across various business areas.

Zhengyu's contribution extends to securing favorable supplier contracts, resulting in cost savings for various business areas. Their delivery of accurate and timely reports enables business units to leverage existing transactions and make performance improvements across the extensive procurement team. Essentially, it has played a crucial role in increasing operational efficiency in purchasing, improving data transparency and strategically applying data in various areas of business operations.

By the end of 2022, Zhengyu, in collaboration with the reporting team, skillfully responded to requests and ensured a streamlined reporting process by setting up an Azure pipeline. This innovation made it easier to execute key transactions smoothly and gave procurement teams greater insight into advanced procurement plans. Under her astute leadership, the procurement team experienced the smoothest, most detailed and successful year-end close and received positive feedback from various teams and key stakeholders.

In addition, Zhengyu orchestrated the comprehensive redesign and consolidation of all Power BI primary procurement dashboards, managing over 20 complex data models that feed into these dashboards. Through her involvement in defining metrics, feature designs, and implementing data models, she provided the reporting team with a better understanding of procurement logic.

Notable is Zhengyu's collaboration with the company's supplier diversity team, which leads the annual regulatory reporting initiative, including The General Order 156 report. This report reflects T-Mobile's unwavering support for the goals of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the Legislature to improve procurement by diverse companies. Zhengyu's implementation of an automated reporting system not only resulted in cost savings, but also eliminated the need for external consultants.

Zhengyu's achievements have earned her T-Mobile's outstanding awards – nominations for the PEAK, Winner Circle and Summit Awards. She was named March 2022's Transformation Catalyst of the Month, validating her position as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst and recognizing her significant contributions to data support and decision making. Her skills have not only left an indelible mark on the U.S. data analytics field, but have also gained widespread recognition and high reputation in China, where she has received numerous awards and collaboration opportunities.

In the age of information, data analysis remains a pivotal point across industries. Experts of Zhengyu's caliber add tangible business value to companies and industries and guide them toward prudent decision-making. As the mobile communications industry continues to innovate and evolve, data analysis, exemplified by experienced professionals like Zhengyu, will provide accurate decision-making support and take the industry to unprecedented heights.

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