Physicist Feynman once said, “Quantum Theory is strange, but it’s right and very important.” Quantum Management is undoubtedly a new direction that the world is paying close attention to, but Quantum Management is not a brand new concept, as early as the 90s of the last century, Oxford University professor Dana Zohar proposed the relationship between quantum theory and management, and published the book “Quantum Leadership”. Inspired by Dana Zohar, Chen realized that the same is true of Project Management. That is to say, the state of employees and the enterprise needs intervention, and what state you use to intervene, employees will follow suit. Just as the equation: P² + V²≤1, the solidification rigid state of large enterprises is P (local), flexible open V (non-local) is very small, now to be an enterprise platform, it is necessary to reduce P and enlarge V. If control is given, the enterprise will be rigid, and if it is open, the enterprise will take the initiative.

Quantum Management, first of all, is a kind of thinking revolution, which requires breaking the deterministic and steady-state thinking of Newtonian mechanics in the past, acknowledging the normal state of change and uncertainty in the world, and re-looking at everything with quantum thinking, especially the future, it can be said that it is a kind of thinking that stands in the future and looks at the future. Today, we have the honor to invite Mr. CHEN Yonglei, a well-known Project Management expert in China, to be interviewed and discuss with us the understanding of Quantum Project Management.

Inspired by Quantum Leadership, Mr. CHEN Yonglei has devoted himself to Quantum Project Management for many years and has unique insights into Quantum Project Management. “Today we propose to use quantum thinking to think about management innovation in the era of qualitative change and uncertainty, not to catch up with fashion and create concepts, but to find in the management practice of enterprises that many theories and methods of quantum mechanics are consistent with the direction of organizational change in the era of knowledge civilization, the development trend of corporate governance, and the development of talents.” This motivates me to study and think about the application of quantum mechanics theory in business management, especially in human resource management.” CHEN Yonglei said.

CHEN Yonglei combined his years of Project Management experience to apply Quantum Project Management to daily management work and practice, so as to gain new insights. He believes that reconstructing the organization with quantum mechanical thinking does not mean to completely break the past linear functional structure, completely abandon the structure, and the structure produces efficiency, which has been verified by industrial practice, and now it is not a complete abandonment of the structure, but only to change the organizational hardening and solidification brought about by the excessive rigidity of the structure in the past through dynamic and orderly structural changes. Instead, it advocates the generation of new structures through dynamic order, and the new structures require new energy to break, thereby generating new value creation capabilities of the organization and forming new competitiveness.

CHEN Yonglei said: “Quantum Project Management thinking advocates continuous change and innovation of enterprises to build a dynamic and orderly fusion growth organization. The strategic competitiveness and organizational management ability of enterprises come from continuous transformation and change, and actively explore the future. Seek a new structure in the transformation and change, and seek greater value creation ability in the process of organizational change, from disorder to mixed order to orderly cycle and form new core competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, the core competitiveness of enterprises comes from dynamic order, rather than static superposition. ”

Under the Newtonian thinking that emphasizes rules, order, and structure, each person has a solidified role in the organization, with a clear division of labor, clear responsibilities, and passive work. Under certain conditions, this can certainly produce efficiency, but it also produces constraints. But when the individual is regarded as quantum, it is a microscopic material world, it is essentially free and moving, through continuous communication, interaction to accumulate energy, create value. Therefore, Quantum Project Management thinking encourages employees to have an entrepreneurial mentality, have good expectations for the future, self-driven, divergent thinking, free innovation, encourage employees to give full play to their potential and creativity, and aim to release the innovation ability of all employees.

This coincides with the management philosophy that CHEN Yonglei has always advocated, he emphasized that in the worldview of quantum science, each of us is an “energy ball”, which is closely connected to the surroundings, thus forming an overall energy field. Under the thinking of Quantum Project Management, the mechanism must be greater than management in the organization, and the core of the entire management mechanism is to activate the value of people, release various energies, encourage employees to innovate freely, and emphasize the mechanism of the organization; At the same time, individual authority will no longer override the organization, but emphasize the free collision of various “energy balls” within the organization to release energy, thus forming a powerful development potential.

CHEN Yonglei said: “In the past, the operation of the entire organization was authoritative and top-down, and the relationship between management and the managed was the relationship between control, command and obedience. Quantum Project Management thinking, on the other hand, requires the abandonment of authoritarianism, and the relationship between the leader and the led is transformed into one of support services. “The driving mechanism, the source of energy for the entire organization, comes from belief, not from authority. The driving force of the organization does not come from the leadership, but from the grassroots, and the wisdom of the organization is no longer top-down, but bottom-up and top-down linkage.” The driving mechanism of management is no longer driven by the command and command system, but by the drive of the mission and self-driven. Leaders are not those who call the shots, but those who serve, who are supporters.

CHEN Yonglei said at the end of the interview: “All of the above is my superficial understanding of Quantum Project Management thinking, I believe that management is the art of practice, innovation and science that keeps pace with the times, in the uncertain era, what is most needed is the change of thinking and the renewal of ideas.”

As a pioneer in Quantum Project Management research in China, CHEN Yonglei leads top managers to reconstruct their thinking patterns and actively respond to future uncertainties. He always pays attention to the latest trends in Quantum Project Management, and has successfully applied the core management methods of Quantum Project Management to practice, achieved good results, and provided an important guiding direction for the use of Quantum Project Management methods in various industries in Chinese society. CHEN Yonglei’s research and dissemination of Quantum Project Management has broken the traditional Chinese management thinking, updated the understanding of Chinese entrepreneurs on Quantum Project Management, and greatly promoted the development of Quantum Project Management research in China.

CHEN Yonglei pays attention to the present and the future, and he said that he will continue to conduct in-depth research on Quantum Project Management, and strive to transform Quantum Project Management theory into technical achievements through science and technology, and make greater contributions to Quantum Project Management.


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