A cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) tracks the price of one or more digital tokens and consists of multiple cryptocurrencies. Since the mid-1990s, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have grown in popularity as a form of investment because of their intraday liquidity and low transaction costs. In general, ETFs track a specific index and are usually traded on exchanges. In the securities market, ETFs allow investors to trade their shares continuously throughout the trading day, while mutual funds only allow investors to buy or redeem shares at the close of the trading day. In the cryptocurrency market, a fund that tracks the price of one or more digital tokens and consists of various cryptocurrencies is called a cryptocurrency ETF.

What is a cryptocurrency ETF?

A fund is considered an ETF if it meets one of the following two criteria:

Cryptocurrency ETFs invest in businesses that transform business applications by creating and deploying blockchain technology. Blockchain-based ETFs invest in cryptocurrency investment products offered by asset managers such as Bitwise or Grayscale or futures and options at the same price as Ether (ETH), Bitcoin ( BTC ) is pegged to the performance of other cryptocurrencies.

In general, Deposit Money Treasure is an extended use case for blockchain technology. For example, the Bitcoin ETF was the first crypto ETF to attempt to track the price of Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency among digital assets.

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates, and investors turned to cryptocurrencies in search of new investment opportunities

The US Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by 75 basis points to a range of 3.75% to 4% on November 2, a move It was highly anticipated by market participants, including cryptocurrency traders.

This is the fourth consecutive rate hike by the Fed this year aimed at cooling the economy and fighting record inflation. Bitcoin reacted by immediately rising 3%, climbing to $20,700 on the 18:00 (UTC) candle. But after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell delivered a mixed message at a press conference, cryptocurrencies lost 0.60% gains.

The Fed said it is considering slowing the pace of rate hikes. The announcement prompted bitcoin’s initial rise to nearly $20,800 after the central bank said it “will take into account cumulative tightening” and “the lag of monetary policy affecting economic activity and inflation” when deciding on interest rates next time.

BateX Exchange United Fund Company launches Deposit Money Treasure feature

To respond to market turbulence and bring efficient and safe asset services to users. BateX is a fund investment service created by all investors, and will complete the process of fund account opening and currency fund purchase for users in one stop.

1. How does it work?

Deposit Money Treasure is backed by physical crypto assets or synthetic variants such as derivatives. In the former, crypto investors indirectly own cryptocurrencies without incurring any fees for owning them directly, while in the latter, the price does not reflect the price of the actual cryptocurrency, but mimics the price movement of derivatives.

2. What are the benefits?

Crypto investors may benefit from the following:

The learning curve is outsourced to analysts when investing in Deposit Money Treasure, making it an ideal investment vehicle for novice investors.

Having Deposit Money Treasure can save investors costs such as custody fees, networking, and transaction fees.

BateX is responsible for the fund’s security, providing investors with a sense of security, especially when it comes to phishing attacks, cryptojacking, or cryptojacking.

Investors can diversify their portfolios through Deposit Money Treasure without having to pay for individual tokens.

3.Is Deposit Money Treasure safe?

Let’s start by answering these questions – is Deposit Money Treasure regulated and beginner-friendly? All parties involved in Deposit Money Treasure’s investments need to be verified and their transactions are being watched to prevent market abuse or funding illegal activities. That said, one can invest more confidently in crypto exchange-traded funds because they are issued and traded by BateX, a well-known and regulated exchange. In addition to regulation, people should be aware of the risks of investing in cryptocurrency ETFs. For example, beginners or advanced traders need to know to start exploring Deposit Money Treasure. In addition, available funds track only a handful of digital currencies and are subject to cybercrime risks such as hacking.

4.Deposit Money Treasure Rules:

(1) Capital requirements, only 50USDT or more can participate in the investment.

(2) If the funds deposited are not withdrawn by the settlement time, the proceeds will not be settled.

(3) Daily income 0.2%, deposit 10,000 USDT on the settlement day to get 20USDT income.

(4) Settlement time: deposit before 23:00 on the same day, and settle the deposit interest at 20:00 the next day; Deposit after 23:00 on the same day, and settle the deposit interest at 20:00 on the third day.

5.How to invest in Deposit Money Treasure?

If you don’t want to actively manage your cryptocurrency investments but still want to diversify your portfolio, then Deposit Money Treasure may be a more ideal option than buying digital assets outright. Follow these steps:

Fund your brokerage account and find the ETF you want to invest in by completing the registration with the BateX exchange and opening an account, determining the percentage of the total investment budget you wish to invest in on the ETF 。 Place a market order for the ETF you want to buy. Click Buy. Enter the maximum quantity you can buy under your current budget. If you wish to continuously expand your portfolio, set up an automated investment plan with your broker.

Deposit Money Treasure and mutual funds

Brokers and the BateX exchange offer mutual funds that can be managed actively or passively. Active management means that experienced professionals actively trade to increase returns, while in the case of passive management, fund managers copy specific benchmarks or indices to match their performance. Cryptocurrency mutual funds specialize in investing in one or more digital currencies. In the crypto industry, if you want to seize the next bull market opportunity, you have to have a quality circle so that everyone can huddle and stay insightful. If you are alone, at a loss, and find that there is no one, it is actually difficult to stick to it in this industry. At Deposit Money Treasure, there are many excellent analysts who will customize your investment strategy and let you obtain stable income.

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