DeCredit has built and implemented its first version of Vendor Akel on Chain.

The DeCredit team consists of personalities with several years of experience in the credit sector. All team members have extensive industry resources in credit agreements, credit big data, industrial funds, data risk control, etc.

  • DeCredit’s Mainnet 1.0 was launched on November 1st, 2021 (UTC + 0) on BSC. As soon as the mainnet is started, several cryptocurrencies are accepted, such as: $ USDT, $ BNB, $ ETH, $ BTC, $ BUSD. These cryptocurrencies will be available for deposits and withdrawals on the wallet.
  • Use the $ CDTC to earn more with DeCredit (
  • Users can trade the DeCredit Token $ CDTC on CEX-BitMart as well as with the trading pair $ USDT.

The most important thing is to work with DeCredit Credit’s credit models on the mainnet; to provide lending services to users and support other DeFi projects in the future with the off-chain credit information.

DeCredit Credit’s credit model consists of 6 sub-models. These are :
1. Debt Ratio

2. Asset analysis

3. Query analysis

4. Analysis of the loan or loan history

5. Overdue analysis

6. Other analyzes

The main relevance of staking is to verify the identification of authorized users who have already staked. The authorized user must fill in and submit the application form, then the vendor scrap refers to the information submitted for each individual applicant to increase the amount and limit of the loan at the same mortgage rate.

The entire review and the final result (individual credit status) are carried out by the ‘DeCredit Scoring System’. It is an optimized procedure for DeCredit to process this credit data with a Credit-Scoring & Credit-Matching algorithm.

The Credit Oracle is a bridge that connects the blockchain to the real world and complements the off-chain credit data to on-chain.

The Credit Oracle will do its special feature development with DeCredit and it will come to us in the near future.

DeCredit aims to expand and implement more use cases and accelerate the build-up of global credit scoreboards. Based on open source, DeCredit will in the future provide high-performance credit data services for other DeFi projects, NFTs and Metaverse in order to strengthen the entire ecosystem.

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