With the continuous development of blockchain technology, more and more areas have been ignited by the concept of blockchain and other industries have developed rapidly due to the introduction of blockchain technology. Since the beginning of this year, with the advent of the concept of NFT and meta-universe, it has detonated the world again. Unlike previous concepts, the NFT / Meta-Universe not only covers the blockchain space, but also covers traditional industries such as games, music, art, art, collectibles, souvenirs, and other areas. It is a comprehensive and integrated new concept of coexistence and mutual trust between reality and the virtual world that can finally realize the vision of a grounded connection of all things.

The DFC Foundation is also in the continuous deep development of the blockchain track and has received strong support and recognition from many partners and projects. Of course, in this wave of wealth for chain games, they will not be missing. The DFC Game Guild, initiated by the DFC Foundation, will integrate their own huge ecological and high quality resources to create a top-chain international game platform – DFC Game Guild. It aims to perfectly connect the real world and the virtual world, realize the organic integration of reality and virtuality and create higher value for the players.

Enjoy the fun of the game and earn huge winnings

According to the data on the chain, the total market value of Meta Universe and the chain game sector has exceeded tens of billions of dollars and is an important part of the blockchain market.

With the popularity of some chain games such as Axie Infinity (AXS), Decentraland (MANA) and the “Play to Eran” method to make money, the chain game track has become the largest market in the crypto circle in 2021 and opens the future. An important starting point for a trend. If you take the priority springboard, you can be the first to eat crabs. The “play while you earn” model is undermining the basic form of free traditional games and is also changing the traditional way of thinking about mining in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s a brand new system.

Of course, players who participate in such games usually have to spend a certain amount of capital to start the game, but the rewards they receive in the game are often very generous, including game tokens, mainstream tokens (BTC, ETH, etc.), NFT In addition to the number of VIP whitelists, the rewards are far higher than the investment.

Why was the DFC Game Guild founded?

Our sole purpose is to enable friends who have always believed in us and supported us to capitalize on this wave of wealth and get higher and more stable income from the trends of Gamefi, NFT and Metaverse.

In the crypto circle, the risk is directly proportional to the reward. Gamefi’s control over timing and wind direction is more important and critical than other tracks, and it’s a choice that can determine richness as well. After all, it is the idea and choice of more people to take advantage of the trend. Don’t go against the trend at any time.

The market is fair and cruel. When there isn’t enough keen judgment and time, ordinary investors are extremely easily beaten up by improper operations and decisions and harvested at will by giant whales and project parties. Professional matters are left to professionals, you just have to make one decision and the rest is left to professionals.

The DFC Game Guild offers an open platform for chain game players in a distributed blockchain world. Assuming that we are not tied to a specific game, we offer all members instructions on how to participate in the chain game, first-hand information and suggestions for operation. Use our expertise to solve your problems. Travel the world in chains, develop in groups, fight in teams and be invincible.

The DFC Game Guild helps members get the most out of the digital assets they own in the chain game while enhancing the game experience and getting exclusive union benefits as early as possible. We will also be distributing the club’s limited NFT collection for free based on member contribution to maximize member benefit.

DFC Game Guild services

1. Provide members with basic chain game operating instructions and help members cross the threshold to participate in the Gamefi ecosystem.

For example: Take online or offline courses to explain the gameplay of a particular chain game and the online community will answer questions and guide members through how to use it.

2. Provide members with the latest chain game information and strategies to help them get real-time game information and wealth opportunities in the first place.

For example, we will cooperate with relevant chain game platforms in the industry in order to receive appropriate support so that members have the opportunity to participate in the open beta of chain games and enjoy market advantages.

3. The guild sets up special communities for different games to increase interaction and learning among users, and at the same time there are in-depth masters of the game to guide and teach them to create a good gaming atmosphere.

For example: the establishment of a game zone where older players are invited to share views and experiences and to share game experiences with users.

4. The guild seeks additional benefits for all members, including a certain number of private placements, airdrop rewards, and in-game trial contingents obtained through prior association with the project group.

For example: DFC Game Guild Project Docking to provide members with certain low-cost private equity chips.

5. The guild will issue exclusive NFTs as rewards for outstanding guild contributors.

The NFT contains an extremely high gold grade and value. Guild members who own NFTs can not only prove the guild’s senior identity, but also gain qualifications to distribute later benefits and conduct free transactions for value appreciation.

Join the DFC Game Guild – Earn while playing

There are currently two mainstream ways to participate in GameFi chain games: participating in GameFi games directly and investing in GameFi tokens.

Take part in GameFi games

Users can experience and participate in these GameFi chain game projects. These chain games will use different gameplay and market systems to give players appropriate token rewards that can be directly realized, pledged rewards, or NFT opportunities.

Invest in GameFi tokens

Chain game projects usually issue tokens that they have to use in the game to support and maintain their ecology. Players can buy some tokens as their asset allocation based on their own value judgments and interests preferences. Such tokens are also generally introduced on mainstream trading platforms so that users can trade freely, with room for appreciation.

The DFC Game Guild will also begin primarily with these two gameplay methods in order to provide professional one-stop chain game advisory services to the majority of gamers. DFC Game Guild has always put an interest in supporting our members first and this is also reflected in our revenue sharing design. Not only does the DFC Game Guild bring steady income to the members of the guild, it also helps you improve your overall understanding of the blockchain industry and get the most reliable analysis based on the chain game track.

DFC Game Guild into the group

DFC Game Guild will use the Telegram group as main content to promote the content so that for the first time members have access to the most complete and authoritative information on chain games and will be equipped with professional staff to answer questions and all from a single source provide services for chain games.

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