The metauniverse concept of the “popular roast chicken” has conquered almost every digital domain. In addition to the renaming of the social giant Facebook in Meta, technology giants such as Tencent, Google, ByteDance, Microsoft and Nvidia are pushing into the Meta universe track. As an ordinary investor, such a scene is simply a “two-way journey”. The big moves of the tech giants have also raised capital, all kinds of high finance projects don’t like money. But when can we have the arrival of the metaverse?

The current meta-universe

Although different capital and technology companies have entered the meta universe, opinions differ on how to present it or how to apply it. For example, after renaming Facebook, Zuckerberg shot a small video of his imagined metauniverse concept.

In the picture, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg takes several cool costumes for his image in his apartment in the meta-universe and then goes to the office to have a virtual meeting with him. Do magic anywhere and use AR devices for the projection office.

But it seems very different from what we imagine the meta-universe to be. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg presents us with a “defined, shaped” world. Also, the world looks too “tidy”, not enough “yuan” at all. It is more of a future direction of technological evolution than a whole new universe.

The metacover we need

Zuckerberg did his best to give an answer, but obviously “failed” for us. To do this, we went through all sorts of Metacverse projects on the network, but the vast majority of them are NFT, cards, and blind boxes. There is no playability for the players.

But on the way through the material there’s a retro, but novel, concept project, “King’s Manor,” which has quite a bit of appeal.

As understood, King’s Manor is a meta-universe spin-off game under The King. Combined with the hot simulation management class of farm gameplay that integrates land, building, plants, living and other additional gameplay to build a free game ecology, does it shine? Obviously it’s asset certification and decentralization.

Although its specific presentation is very different from the meta-universe we envision, the same world as the “oasis” can now be realized. Playing a decentralized, land, property and house free DIY game is already the best way to experience the meta universe for us

When I look at everything about King’s Manor, I think back to 2008, the hot era of “picking vegetables”. I can imagine the joy of converting my own plants into cash, the anger over the theft of valuable plants, and even the “excitement” about other players’ valuable plants.

The article written here put a smile on our lips. Since the “oasis” of the meta-universe cannot be realized for the time being, we try out its basic game, the meta-universe, with simulated business games that are acceptable for all types of players.

Additional information on the King’s Manor project is temporarily more precise. All we know is that King’s Manor is nearing completion and will be available in the next few weeks. This time we can experience the “retro world” in the “future concept”. Perhaps this is the “spiritual representation” of the metauniverse.

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