Metaverse is considered the ultimate form of the Internet, is a brave new world, can change games, society and even the entire human way of life, and the next level of the Internet must be high-speed Internet, blockchain and various end devices and via perception terminals technical support of the virtual world, man was constantly born into the virtual. Building on this, the Dirk Universal Chain Tour (Dirk) was born.

Dirk, a blockchain technology-based competitive game application platform that focuses on the ecology of small game competitions. Dirk aims to realize a decentralized competitive game for gamers and players so that users can solve fair gaming problems world, in the youngest capital together, will be a wave in the world market.

According to the Dirk team, Dirk Dirk has won the favor of New Enterprise Associates, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Venrock Associates, InterWest Partners and others. Big Capital will work with the world’s leading international blockchain talent team to jointly build Dirk Dirk and build a new metacosmic chain travel system.

In the future game application ecology, the deck universe chain Dirk floats through the blockchain network and token mechanism, the integration of esports, mobile phones and computer games and host game competitive game matrix, make online virtual environment and physical environment, create unlimited Entertainment world, for global users to create an unparalleled competitive gaming experience.

In addition, Dirk Universe Chain Swim will continue to expand, including storage cloud platform, game distribution platform, game props trading platform, advertising platform and incubator, multiple ecosystems for gamers, research and development, channels and game advertisers to create a full blockchain To provide integrated application solutions, developers can swim across the Dirk universe chain to build the Dirk toolset to build blockchain applications, and across other platforms for full service support.

Going forward, the release of the Dirk Certificate of Value in order to build the world’s first complete blockchain toolkit for competitive game development will oblige developers and mobile devices through the circulation of virtual assets between competitive games, the Dirk penetration of certificates in hundreds of thousands of games and Applications that cover more than a billion users around the world.

The future has come, the Dirk universe chain game Dirk is about to undermine the existing game world, to offer an unprecedented gaming experience, to face the global is about to take off!

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