On December 16, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. UTC, the Binance NFT marketplace will list a 500-piece mystery box collection called the Onimaru Bad Kid Collection. This NFT collection is designed to bring benefit to the BLOCWARS platform and revolutionize the way people interact with NFTs in crypto space, with the Onimarus being the main avatars of the BLOCWARS universe.

Benefits for companies

BLOCWARS is a trending fashion, social networking and gaming entertainment metaverse platform that aims to bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse. The platform differs from its competitors in that it has implemented a breakthrough technical innovation in the metaverse called the LinkGate Protocol.

The LinkGate protocol enables interchain exchange of NFT for Metaverse players. Put simply, the protocol would give players the ability to change their NFT’s clothing with multiple combinations of clothing and gear, which is an absolute first for the blockchain realm.

But the BLOCWARS offers much more than the technology for NFT-compatible interchangeable items. In fact, BLOCWARS Brands offers a comprehensive, code-free metaverse construction that enables real brands to quickly transition to the metaverse. The newcomers would benefit from BLOCWARS infrastructure, tools, and construction services when migrating to the metaverse. In addition, BLOCWARS will bring new businesses to the Metaverse, an AR and VR shopping experience that will become a major attraction for their new customers in the near future. Also, given the interconnectivity between real and digital space through the metaverse, BLOCWARS holds the key to creating a perfect entertainment metaverse capable of serving the needs of its future customers.

Advantages for players

BLOCWARS not only offers a business-friendly infrastructure, but is also able to meet the needs of an ever-growing user base, whose expectations in terms of game quality and gaming experience increase year after year.

To this end, BLOCWARS implemented the concept of SocialFi, which offers players a virtual fashion community to socialize with, in a novel concept called Swag-to-Earn. This is where players can gain more social influence based on their avatar’s clothing. Then the best clothes are the ones that tend to gain popularity with the other players. In turn, social influence will bring monetary benefits to the players who invest the time and effort in creating their avatar’s outfit by rewarding them with IPTK tokens.

Additionally, players can take part in an NFTFi experience by using their NFTs to earn even more NFTs and IPTK tokens, as well as contributing to liquidity pooling mechanisms that could later benefit the game’s ecosystem.

Nonetheless, players can use their NFT avatars to participate in various play-to-earn games inside and outside the BLOCWARS ecosystem, further increasing their profits.

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