Reporter: Zhou Kai

In recent years, cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence have driven the technological transformation of the financial industry, especially in the areas of financial algorithms and computing power. As a result, financial technology has become a key influencing factor for the future development of the industry. During this development process, renowned financial investment expert Tan Xiao from China was actively involved in the forefront of technological innovation. He has anchored the direction of intelligent finance and deepened the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain with traditional financial services. Tan Xiao has designed and developed several breakthrough technological achievements, creating a scientifically efficient financial investment model. This has significantly improved the timeliness and accuracy of financial market forecast analysis and contributed to accelerating the development of innovative clusters within the financial industry in the digital economy era. Tan Xiao is undoubtedly a leading figure in the field of financial technology.

As an outstanding financial technology research and development talent in the financial industry, Tan Xiao has a solid theoretical foundation in financial investment and strategic management. He has a systematic theoretical framework and a unique investment perspective on international marketing and financial management. Tan Xiao has gained extensive practical experience through his many years of working in the field of financial investment, which gives him a deep understanding of the current status, challenges and future trends of the financial industry. He is aware that the future of the financial industry will be closely linked to cutting-edge technologies such as digital technology and artificial intelligence. By building an intelligent financial investment management system, it is possible to continuously advance the supply-side structural reform of the financial industry and better meet the development needs of the real economy. To promote innovation in the intelligent finance industry and develop transformation tools for the financial industry, Tan Xiao delves deep into cutting-edge research and development in financial technology. Adopting an application-oriented approach, he has developed a number of groundbreaking and groundbreaking research achievements, including the “Intelligent Management System for Securities Investment Based on Blockchain and Big Data,” the “Decision Analysis System for Financial Investment Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process,” and the “Transaction-Based Operation Management System for Corporate Private Equity Funds”. Among them, the “Transaction-Based Operation Management System for Corporate Private Equity Funds” is considered a major achievement in the technological development of the financial investment industry.

Private equity funds, especially private equity investment funds, have played a positive role in effectively serving the real economy and national strategies, promoting entrepreneurship and employment in small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting innovation and development in high-tech areas and to increase the share of direct financing in the capital markets and to satisfy society's demand for asset management. Since 2020, the domestic private equity fund industry has experienced strong development. However, with the growth of the industry, various risks and problems have also emerged. These problems include, but are not limited to, illegal fundraising under the guise of private equity, selling products to investors who lack the ability to bear risk, and disclosing false information to investors. Many private equity products found it difficult to honor redemption requests and even experienced an increase in defaults. These problems have dealt a serious blow to investor confidence and become obstacles to the development of the private equity fund industry and even the financial industry as a whole.

In response to the problems in the operation and management of corporate private equity funds, Tan Xiao developed the “Transaction-Based Operation Management System for Corporate Private Equity Funds”. This big data and machine learning-based system analyzes and predicts market and private equity fund trading data to provide investors with more accurate, efficient and personalized private equity fund investment management services. The system receives and processes a large amount of market data, including stock market trends, company financial reports and product trading volumes. After building a comprehensive database, in-depth analysis and model training on market data is carried out using private equity fund investment models. This helps confirm the authenticity of private equity product information, predict market trends, industry prospects and private equity fund performance. Based on private equity fund product information and market fluctuations, the system produces performance reports and analysis results, providing investors with comprehensive analysis and evaluation of investment returns. Compared with current private equity fund management systems, the “Enterprise Private Equity Fund Operational Management System based on Trading Behavior” has significantly improved the accuracy of analysis, efficiency of data analysis and response speed. It helps companies achieve more precise, efficient and risk-controlled private equity fund investment decision-making and management.

After its introduction, this system quickly gained popularity across the country and received widespread acclaim in the financial investment industry. Many financial investment companies believe that the system represents the pinnacle of current financial technology and has demonstrated significant application results. It has played a crucial role in investment decisions for private equity fund projects in companies. In addition, it has helped identify hidden risks in private equity funds' previous investment projects, thereby creating immeasurable economic benefits for companies. The advanced and superior character of the system has been repeatedly confirmed by project practices and received high recognition and praise from industry experts and academics. A prominent financial investment expert once remarked at a financial technology conference: “The 'Transaction-Based Operation Management System for Corporate Private Equity Funds' is a great achievement in the development of financial technology and will serve as a strong driving force for the development of the financial industry.”

Tan Xiao's series of independently developed financial technology achievements have addressed the industry's weaknesses in current financial forecasting and analysis systems, such as: B. high costs, low accuracy and slow response times. These achievements have added tremendous technological strength to the high-quality development of the financial industry and exemplify the core of the scientific spirit of the new era. Tan Xiao is widely recognized in the industry as a senior research talent with the potential of a strategic scientist. Looking at the future of the industry, Tan Xiao believes that technology in today's financial field has transformed from a supporting and subordinate role to a leading and transformative role, becoming a crucial core competitive advantage for the financial industry.

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