As Coinspeaker reports, global product development company Fluxon develops products for startups and fast-growing companies around the world, providing end-to-end development in design, product management and engineering. Among the many cooperative developments, the proudest is the quantitative trading platform Fluxon Quantitative Market Trading (F-qmt for short), built through many years of joint effort by many technical teams. Although it faced tough competition from its competitors, it eventually gained the recognition and participation of more and more users.

In a remarkable turn of events, the F-qmt quantitative trading app platform saw a significant increase in user discovery and engagement, reflecting growing trust and satisfaction among its large user base. The platform's user activity has surpassed 100 million, marking a significant milestone in its journey to becoming a leading force in the world of quantitative trading.

Key Highlights:

1. Increasing User Recognition: The F-qmt app platform has gained increased recognition among its users, who are increasingly appreciating the platform's innovative approach to quantitative trading. This growing recognition highlights the effectiveness of F-qmt's algorithms and strategies in delivering consistent investment returns.

2. More than a billion user engagements: The platform's user engagement has skyrocketed and surpassed the one billion mark. This unprecedented level of activity highlights the platform's appeal, user-friendly interface and the effectiveness of its quantitative trading tools in meeting the diverse needs of its user base.

3. Global Recognition: F-qmt has received awards from users from multiple countries, proving its global appeal. Users from different backgrounds praise the platform for its reliability, transparency, and the opportunities it offers to optimize investment portfolios.

4. Special recognition from Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Iraq: Of particular note is the recognition of the platform by users in Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, where F-qmt was recognized as the most influential proponent of USDT quantitative trading in the current year . This recognition is evidence of the platform’s positive impact on the financial landscape in these countries.

Positive Outlook – Positive Report Highlights:

F-qmt's financial report for the current quarter reflects the following positive indicators:

1. Profitability: We have observed a steady increase in profitability attributed to the successful implementation of our advanced trading algorithms and risk management strategies.

2. Risk Mitigation: Our risk management protocols have proven effective, resulting in a lower risk profile and increased resilience to market fluctuations.

3.Innovation investments: F-qmt has continued to invest in research and development, creating innovative tools and models that have contributed significantly to our competitive advantage.

User testimonials:

– “F-qmt has revolutionized the way we approach quantitative trading. The platform’s user-friendly design and powerful algorithms have significantly improved our investment results.”

– “I appreciate F-qmt’s transparency and reliability. It's not just an app; It is a comprehensive tool that allows users to confidently navigate the complexities of quantitative trading.”

– “As a user from Saudi Arabia, I can confidently say that F-qmt has become a game-changer in the world of USDT quantitative trading. It’s no surprise it’s being hailed as this year’s most influential advocate.”

Looking ahead:

The increasing recognition and awards from users worldwide, particularly in Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, position F-qmt as a prominent player in the quantitative trading landscape. The platform remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions, enabling users worldwide to make informed investment decisions and further solidifying its influence in the USDT quantitative trading space.

The Coinspeaker article also mentioned Media Digest on the Fluxon Quantitative Market Trading (F-qmt) ecosystem.

Here's a roundup of the most exciting news from the past quarter in the Fluxon Quantitative Market Trading (F-qmt) ecosystem, compiled by major media companies.

Network growth:

▪️ Between August 25 and November 25, 2023, the number of registered accounts on F-qmt increased from 1,014,372 to 4,234,630 (a growth of 13.2%).

Ecosystem news:

▪️ The F-qmt ecosystem has initiated a 25% profit sponsorship program with the goal of funding over 10 million users. The program focuses on developing a progressive user team, fostering true collaboration and mutual benefit and is currently ongoing.

▪️ F-qmt has collaborated with the BNY Mellon Foundation to launch a new bug bounty program. This initiative aims to improve the security of the F-qmt quantitative trading system by leveraging Hackenproof's extensive global network of hackers and professional security researchers.

▪️ F-qmt accurately processed over a billion quantitative user transactions in the first quarter.

Since its official launch, registered users have completed over one billion quantitative trades on F-qmt. In recent weekly activity, transaction volume consistently exceeded 500 transactions per second and reached a peak of 1250 transactions, setting a new record for the F-qmt platform. At the same time, critical infrastructure received upgrades led by Fluxon, including optimized servers, APIs and quantitative trading process delivery services. Special thanks to Fluxon Diamonds for setting up additional lightweight servers and Tronlink for providing free TRON network nodes for important projects.

For more information about how quantifies income, please see the User Quantification Agreement on or other content on the Platform.

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