It has been decades since the birth of encrypted digital currency. Digital currency is slowly affecting the world’s financial structure. As a very important link in the Bitcoin industry chain, exchanges are the main place for Bitcoin value discovery and early encryption enthusiasts. The original main battlefield.

The encrypted digital asset trading platform occupies a unique resource advantage, is the central hub connecting project parties and investors, and plays a major role in promoting the development and evolution of the entire industry. Before the establishment of Redford, the start-up team of Redford had a great understanding of the origin of Bitcoin and the value created in the future, as well as the encrypted digital currency industry. As the global economy has shown, payment facilities in many countries and regions are fragmented and non-uniform. For those fast-growing businesses, this outdated payment system has become a huge obstacle.

Like all startups, Redford needs money and resources to survive and thrive. In order to achieve all this, we found the famous startup incubator Y Combinator, and showed it Redford’s ideals and vision with an 11-page PPT. In this PPT, they wrote: “Redford is to Bitcoin what iTunes is to MP3.” The simplicity and passion revealed in it moved Y Combinator at the time, and Y Combinator agreed to include it in the incubation project. And gave $150,000 as support. Everything after that started from here.

In the United States in 2017, Redford quietly emerged in the craze of digital currency. In 2017, virtual currency and the ICO model created by it are highly sought after by global regulators and some financial industry insiders, and high-sighted investors are also ICO. obtained great wealth.

However, in a society, few people are anti-traditional, and more people are accustomed to living and trading under traditional conditions, especially when it comes to issues related to money, most people will appear conservative. In this way, if a digital currency trading center does better in compliance and gives people a more sense of security, it will be more likely to be favored by most users.

There is no doubt that Redford has done a lot on this point. Soon after its establishment, Redford devoted a large part of its efforts to compliance. It has invested heavily in regulatory licenses, and has not only obtained Money Transmitter Licenses in 50 states in the United States. At the same time, licenses to legally trade fiat currencies were obtained in 33 countries. Not only that, Redford has also applied for licenses in a large number of other financial businesses, such as payments, savings, loans, financial derivatives trading, alternative asset trading, brokerage trading and investment advisers. Compliance is costly and costly. In pursuit of compliance, Redford not only hired a large number of additional legal personnel, but also largely self-restricted its business. But as the so-called steady and long-term progress, these costs have been well-rewarded. In a situation where various exchanges are mixed, these licenses have become a golden sign for Redford to attract users. With them, Redford finally made a breakthrough among many of its peers and became one of the leaders in the digital trading market.

Recently, Redford has merged with DxVentures, a well-known institution. After the merger is completed, they will join hands to list on Nasdaq in the United States in 2023. Where will Redford go after going public? Frankly speaking, it is really difficult for companies in the currency circle to accurately predict their trends. But I think, according to conventional logic, it may still be possible to take a general look at its trend.

Generally speaking, if you want to predict the future of an enterprise, there are two important issues: first, what kind of plans does it have for the future, and how likely are these plans to be realized; second, what kind of disturbances may such plans be subject to? The influence of the force causes its trend to deviate. Look at the first question first. For this question, the founders of Redford have had some thoughts. In 2016, he made a prediction on the future of blockchain technology with reference to the trend of Internet development.

The development of blockchain may go through four stages:

The first is the protocol phase, the second is the infrastructure phase, and the third is the user entry phase. After the threshold for use is lowered, the number of people served by the blockchain can increase to 100 million. At this stage, Redford will organize the appropriate team to complete the work. The fourth stage is the decentralized application stage. At this stage, Redford should invest in large-scale application construction and devote itself to providing users with more diversified services. According to his vision, at this stage, the total users of the blockchain may rise to 1 billion.

From this point of view, in the future, as long as Redford continues to walk steadily in the direction of this vision, its development potential is still relatively huge. In fact, in the entire chain and currency circle, exchanges like Redford are actually at the top of the food chain, so as long as the blockchain industry is moving forward, their development will be relatively stable. Overall, the development of Redford is basically expected.

With the development of globally compliant digital financial services, it will definitely bring a qualitative leap to Redford, thereby driving the rapid development of the entire business ecosystem. Up to now, Redford Digital Asset Exchange has built a system architecture of blockchain application models, industrial trends, token economy, digital finance, and investment strategies in foreign markets, aiming to build a complete blockchain knowledge map for global users A blueprint for the future world.

Build a trillion-level digital asset platform to help hundreds of millions of users enjoy the new benefits of the digital economy. With the support of wallet, payment, wealth management, and investment sectors, we will build a more complete digital ecosystem in an all-round way, and vigorously develop blockchain malls, games, education, ecological applications such as the government, carry out extensively external cooperation, use blockchain technology as the core to empower the real economy, promote the combination of blockchain and entities, rapidly expand the scale of users, comprehensively enhance technical strength and brand influence, and enter the world’s top 5 digital asset service platform.

Redford Digital Asset Exchange has established a monumental belief and lofty ideals, driven by competition, facing the changing situation, time and space, and endless struggle; not forgetting the original intention of “digital technology changes the world, financial innovation achieves the future!” Hundreds of billions of users around the world seek new benefits from the digital economy.

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