AmzDoge Financial Services Ltd (AD) has announced a $50 million Series A funding round.

AD is a high frequency trading, algorithmic trading financial services company and professional quantitative strategy community platform. AD has built a large and comprehensive traffic channel and AmzDoge uses a proprietary multi-account management system (PMAM) for the aggregation and allocation of trade orders for high frequency quantitative trading.

Big Data research in quantitative trading began in 2020, combining market practices with the implementation of automated trading software, using computer technology to select multiple “high probability” events from large amounts of historical data to develop strategies that deliver excess returns, significantly reducing the impact of investor sentiment and avoiding irrational investing in situations of extreme market frenzy or pessimism. Based on the results of data analysis, the analytics team develops multi-model quantitative strategy in intelligent trading systems to provide professional, convenient and intelligent quantitative trading and services to millions of investors.

In 2022, AD completed its organizational structure and restructuring staff, brought in a large number of industry technical talents, entered into long-term cooperation with a number of blockchain technology companies, and released its core product, Magic Dog High Frequency Quantitative Strategy (AmzDoge ).AmzDoge conducts quantitative trading through a combination of multiple quantitative strategies. When trading, Magic Doge activates multiple strategies to perform tasks based on the trading environment, enabling faster, more accurate and professional quantitative trading of cryptocurrencies.

As for where the funds will go, an AD spokesperson said that they will be used for AmzDoge’s R&D upgrades and global operations. It has already set up branches in Canada, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Jason Christian Sordo, chief executive officer of AmzDoge Financial Services Ltd, said “Our business attracts a lot of talent and investors because we believe that great artificial intelligence can serve basic human needs and that a company dedicated to meeting the needs of the coin market – beyond market trends and endless sequels of new technology – is an exciting opportunity!” .

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