Integrated SyStems Europe (ISE) will take place from January 30 to February 2, 2024 at the Barcelona Congress and Exhibition Center, Spain. The ISE has always been the most visited professional audiovisual exhibition in the world and has always represented the highest authority in audiovisual technology in the commercial field. As the world's first developer of LED all-in-one LED displays and the benchmark for the commercial display industry, CLT has continuously promoted innovation, deeply advanced the field of intelligent displays, actively promoted the internationalization strategy and participated in the exhibition for many years in a row .

At ISE 2023, CLT made a big splash with its 3D display and naked eye solutions that stood out from many other companies and made it to the front page of the official ISE magazine. In 2024, CLT will continue its efforts and demonstrate CLT's core technology and program capabilities in all-in-one LED display engineering and all-in-one moving LED display rental through an “omnidirectional” event . Infrared touch all-in-one LED display, auto-folding and retractable all-in-one LED display, conference all-in-one LED display and other GOB/COB all-in-one -LED display and 2K/4K all-in -an LED display to welcome this technological festival.

The exhibition introduced the heavyweight new products: F-Board A series of fully automatic lifting and folding all-in-one LED displays, the world's first fully automatic lifting and folding LED display technology, the CLT in product innovation, the the latest in intelligent technology. but also the highest point of modernization of the commercial display industry.

-Pioneering work FUllyCan be lifted and folded automatically

The unique screen body automatically folds back and can be raised and lowered by 65cm, saving space and reducing the risk of lamp beads being damaged by external forces.

-Comfortable movement

The entire display is packaged in an aviation case that can be easily moved in and out of the elevator to meet different scenarios and user needs.

-No installation required, ready to use straight away

F-Board A breakthrough folding structure and industrial design, no need to install, open and use in 2 minutes.

-Deep integration, easy to use

Deep integration of LED fine pitch technology, Android system, IOT control, video conference system, customized audio, etc., plug and play.

-2K/4K HD display

Super chromaticity technology and super image processing technology enable 2K/4K HD display and more detailed image quality.

-Self-developed Coled OS system

The self-developed user-level Coled OS operating system is simple and easy to use, supporting secondary development and expansion.

-Intelligent IOT control

Cross-border integration of IOT technology, support PAD control, support wireless screen sharing, support nine devices with the same screen display.

-More F board A highlight, please look forward to January 30th…

ISE2024 CLT helps the global market fully resume the trend and is ready for use! At the same time, we are very excited to explore the smart LED display program with new and existing customers, industry experts, etc. Please visit us at stand 3P150! Join forces to gain momentum, a win-win future!

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