Business Awards UK, leading business recognition provider, is proud to highlight the winners of the Maker Awards 2023


Business Awards UK, leading business recognition provider, is proud to highlight the winners of the Maker Awards 2023. These awards recognize craftsmen, entrepreneurs and innovators who have demonstrated remarkable skill, creativity and commitment in the dynamic UK manufacturing landscape. This year's honorees have not only demonstrated excellence in their respective fields, but also exemplify the spirit of diversity, resilience and customer engagement.

Winner of the Business Awards UK Maker Awards 2023

  • Fan The Glory with Tori – Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

  • North Product Design – Industry Leader Award

  • Wood & Wire – Best youth development

  • Enamel on Yarrow – Triumph Over Adversity Award

  • Vanlife Conversions Ltd – Best Customer Focus, Best Customer Experience

  • Laura-Louise Winterbourne, The Giftie Company Ltd – Rising Star Award

  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke – Best Artisan Company

  • The Giftie Company – Fastest Business Growth

Business Awards UK Maker Awards 2023 finalists

  • Wood & Wire – Best customer orientation

  • The Marquetry Shack – Industry Leader Award

  • Enamel on the yarrow – best youth development

  • Varlowe Industrial Services – Rising Star Award

  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke – Triumph Over Adversity Award

  • Cuecard Productions – Most Positive Community Impact

  • Qawaya – Best Digital Creation

  • Varlowe Industrial Services – Best Customer Experience

  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke Ltd – Best customer focus

  • Cuecard Productions – Industry Leader Award

The Maker Awards 2023 highlighted a range of exceptional talent and commitment within the UK maker community. Each winner and finalist represents the pinnacle of creativity and excellence in their field.

As we celebrate the achievements of these innovative leaders and companies, we look forward to their future ventures, which will undoubtedly continue to enrich and advance the UK's dynamic maker industry.

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