GAT Network has received an investment from household crypto firm Binance as a beneficiary of the Binance Incubation Program. This represents a significant milestone for the project, which promises to bring unseen innovation and multichain compatibility to the NFT space.

GAT network

Founded in 2021, GAT Network aims to provide an all-in-one infrastructure for NFTs in the decentralized space where users can create, manage, trade and collaborate chains. The company is being founded by engineers with years of experience in blockchain development, whose well-defined ethos is to unify the crypto gaming and NFT landscape under an infrastructure that is exceptionally structured and executed for the benefit of its users, be they Game developers, creators or investors.

To that end, GAT Network will offer a full set of tools to help developers get the most out of their ideas using non-fungible tokens.

GAT Network is a project with a complex ecosystem. In a short period of time, they successfully launched several products such as P2E games and an innovative NFT called Game Ace. However, their core product is the Minted Vodka NFT marketplace. Version 1 launched last June and now Version 2 is rolling out, with new features being added rapidly over the coming weeks and months.

“Unlike most NFT platforms in the space, Minted Vodka brings the vision of full and unlimited interoperability between every chain, every asset class and every token standard within the blockchain.” said:

“So the main idea here is to be open and accessible, no matter what you want to do, what assets you have and what chain you are connected to – you will find the right tools to trade, manage yours on MV and interact assets. There is no need to switch marketplaces. Everything at your fingertips.” Name said

All of this is possible through a groundbreaking multi-chain functionality that enables fast bridging of tokens and NFTs (if minted at Minted Vodka) between all supported chains, including cross-asset class transactions, through asset wrapping. GAT Network has announced that although the platform will launch with multi-chain functionality on BSC, Polygon and ETH, there are ongoing discussions with other chains and it will be possible to add new chains due to the efficient integrated implementation of the technology needed, within a day or two. In practice, Minted Vodka is disrupting the market with its multi-chain functionality combined with the wide range of features made available to NFT users’ creators and users, including wallet views, staking opportunities, choice of minting -Opportunities, sales strategies, etc. By Minted Vodka brings all functionalities together under one roof, breaking the barrier between different marketplaces and token standards from a compatibility point of view.

This level of flexibility offers developers and NFT enthusiasts a unique opportunity to engage creatively with the blockchain environment.

Overall, users benefit from a whole range of choices, such as: such as claimable NFTs in exchange for services or physical products.

Binance’s incubation program

GAT Network is one of the select few projects that participated in the Binance incubation program.

Binance’s decision to invest in this project could only be explained by the GAT team’s background and workable solutions to bring unlimited flexibility to the NFT space with just one click. This is an important vote of confidence in the GAT team, which only shows their enormous potential.

Regarding the recent investment granted by Binance, he confirmed:

“We are honored by this opportunity from Binance Labs! It is a vote of confidence in our project. It gives us significant support for further development and also the prospect of further support in the future.”

This further strengthens the idea that GAT will use this funding to further advance the developments of the platform.

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