With the sudden advent of the blockchain game industry in 2021, the development team at traditional game developer Konami has officially entered the blockchain game industry. It is considered her first stop by Gamefi. Haglien is the team’s official debut work. The same development team has also produced many world famous games such as Contra, Metal Gear and eFootball.

Haglien can also be seen as the first BSC-based decentralized gaming platform published by a traditional game developer. Thanks to the PVE / PVP modes, the platform further integrates the gameplay of traditional games into the “Play to Earn” economic model. Haglien has come up with a great storyline that is complemented by a variety of casual, easy-to-use, and highly playable games carefully selected from the game library.

According to the company’s official news, Mad Musk will be the first Real 3D FPS blockchain game to be released by Haglien. The beta version will be officially released in December. With MadMusk adopting PVE mode, players will have an immersive experience of the perfectly smooth operation and exhilarating pace of the game. After completing different levels, players will receive rewards based on their performance. Not only can these rewards be used for various equipment improvement functions that help players explore higher tier resources, but they can also be flexibly converted into tokens that realize the effective circulation of game resources between the virtual world and reality.

About the company:

Haglien is the first decentralized gaming platform based on Binance Smart Chain from a traditional game developer.

To learn more, please visit https://haglien.com

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