Noah Intelligent Quantitative Robot consists of 30 programmers and financial analysts brought together by leading international financial experts. Researching and experimenting with intelligent trading technology, he has launched a new financial product for users that perfectly combines blockchain technology and the human brain’s thinking system using math, statistics, information technology and traditional financial asset experience to manage investment portfolios.

Artificial intelligence compensates for the inability of the human brain to process large amounts of information and emotional behavior quickly. The result is a perfect set of intelligently executable codes that replace manual operation and completely release both hands. Really safe, worry-free and fast.

At a time when artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular, the concept and image of robots is widespread, whether it be for commuting or shopping. In the blockchain area known as “one day in currency, ten years on the Internet”, the existence of robots is obviously indispensable. Because it can not only improve efficiency but also guarantee revenue to coincide with the rapidly evolving money cycle, it is in great demand from the market.

The cryptocurrency market has heated up sharply in recent years. More and more people around the world started investing in cryptocurrencies. The trading volume of each trading platform is different, so there are some price differences.

Robot Noah uses supercomputing technology to analyze transaction data from leading cryptocurrency trading platforms in real time, detect price differences between different trading platforms and capitalize on buying at low prices and then selling at high prices. Really get no investment risk, 100% money can be made.

Advantages of trading with AI robots:

1. Overcome the weakness of human nature, be free from greed and fear, be disciplined, strictly implement investment strategies, and do not be subject to changes in investor sentiment.

2. The systematic nature of the model: quantitative modeling on multiple levels, observation from multiple angles and extensive data processing combined with big data processing technology to open up more investment opportunities. Compared to big data, human experience offers limited options for manual trading.

3. In a timely, quick and accurate manner. Track market changes promptly and quickly, constantly discover new statistical models that can deliver additional returns, and look for new trading opportunities. And to ensure that the order is correct, which cannot be compared with subjective transactions.

There are several features that are more suitable for quantitative trading in the digital currency market than in the traditional market:

1. Continuous trading: The global digital currency market is 7 * 24 hours * 365 days continuous. Uninterrupted trading can only be achieved through programmatic trading strategies that cannot be achieved by humans.

2. Multiple Trading Variants: Currently there are a variety of digital currencies along with different price currencies that make more trading pairs. Programmatic negotiations never miss an opportunity. Trading multiple varieties and multiple markets can only be done with AI robots.

  • Backtesting and optimization based on historical data: Programmatic can parameterize your strategy and predict the results in advance, so that you can gain a more complete understanding of your own trading strategy and build your own trading system.

Humanized properties of intelligent quantitative robots

By helping users set the Margin Reduction Percentage and Callback Percentage, we ensure that the system can flexibly adjust the Reduction Percentage to the new high and low each year in order to maximize the use of reserve funds, one Set up drop callback and control one effectively. The downside of continuing to cover positions when the line drops dramatically. Make sure to move the position up to buy at the lowest price even if the market falls dramatically.

We all know that the reason the digital currency has dominated the world and achieved global consensus is because its price is not controlled by any entity or person. Everything is determined by the user’s supply and demand relationship. and the robot uses a technical perspective to perform automatic buy and sell transactions in milliseconds according to the rise and fall rules of its own digital currency to realize the “down and make money” of using robots for work.

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