(Aaron Paul) He is famous all over the world but never complacent; Knowledgeable but still approachable, he stays true to the original claim while getting his job done and recognized. Speaking to him, you will sigh from the heart that you will benefit from more than ten years of reading. As you associate with him, through his talent, courage, aura, strength, spirit and demeanor, you will deeply understand the rich connotation of “being ambitious and caring about the world”. He is XU Ruyi, President of Keshun Civil Building Materials Co., Ltd. and a leading figure in the Chinese waterproof materials industry.

On August 13, the China Scientists Forum’s “Outstanding Invention Achievement in Science and Technological Innovation of Waterproof Materials” and “Waterproof Materials Technological Innovation Pioneer” awards ceremony, the top honors of China’s waterproof materials industry, were held in Beijing. During the grand ceremony, XU Ruyi alone won these two honors and took the spotlight in the field of waterproof materials. These two well-deserved honors also fully demonstrate the sincere appreciation and respect for the achievements and dedication of XU Ruyi by the entire Chinese waterproof materials industry and all sectors of society.

Collaboration on industrial monographs

Although he is already President of Keshun Civil Building Materials Co.,Ltd. XU Ruyi has always paid close attention to the development of first-class waterproof materials, which makes him not only an entrepreneur but also an academic talent, which is always based on the industry foundation. Even rarer is that he is also actively involved in publishing monographs in the field of waterproofing materials.

At present, home improvement waterproof technology lacks systematic standards with strong relevance, making it difficult to guarantee home improvement waterproof quality and leading to constant water leakage disputes in residential buildings. Waterproof and leaking DIY repair is in dire need of professional and standardized, high-quality services to meet people’s needs, and the creation of industry monographs is an important means to promote industry standardization, specialization and systematization. XU Ruyi has been involved in editing and reviewing many industry monographs due to his great influence in the industry.

In particular, in the second half of 2020, XU Ruyi participated in the “Technical Regulations of DIY Waterproof, Moisture-proof and Leaking Repairs” project organized by China Building Waterproofing. This book summarizes in detail how to formulate waterproof and moisture-proof schemes, appropriate material selection, and construction specifications for DIY enthusiasts, and reveals the causes, countermeasures, and maintenance points of leaks in many common DIY parts through a large number of case studies. It is an important reference book for DIY waterproof materials selection and leak maintenance technology, and since publication has become an important reference and training book for technicians and janitors involved in DIY waterproof work. In compiling the book, XU Ruyi provided professional guidance for the selection of the book’s waterproof materials with solid professional knowledge and excellent technical ability, and played a key role in the final publication of the book.

Outstanding achievements in scientific research

XU Ruyi always believes that an excellent waterproof material engineer must have the following conditions and characteristics: excellent professional skills, which is the foundation of an engineer; full of zeal and diligence; full of responsibility to have the idea that waterproof materials are directly related to construction life; good communication skills, which include the ability not only to express one’s views effectively, but also to actively listen to and absorb other people’s views and to persuade others to support their views; broad knowledge framework, not limited to a small field of waterproof materials, but also able to understand the development of waterproof materials equipment industry, waterproof materials construction technology, etc. Such a knowledge structure of the entire industry chain can improve one’s perspective and deepen the understanding of one’s subject areas.

XU Ruyi has all of that. It can even be said that XU Ruyi’s perception and understanding of waterproof materials is far superior to others.

Over the years, with this insight and professional conviction, he has always carried out scientific and technological innovations in waterproof materials and made a number of great achievements visible to all. Many of its technological achievements draw on various practices to address important engineering problems in key areas such as quality inspection and analysis of waterproof materials, production line management, and even coating construction. The new technologies and processes he developed were used by Shijiazhuang Boda Traffic Highway Engineering Facilities Co., Ltd. introduced, and the company’s general manager, ZHU Shengli, once commented publicly, “Many technological achievements developed by Mr. XU Ruyi have brought about significant changes in the research and development and quality inspection of waterproof materials through the introduction of digital means such as artificial intelligence and information has greatly promoted the technological progress of the waterproof materials industry and created remarkable economic advantages for global application companies. In the future, the technological achievements developed by Mr. XU Yuyi will definitely set an excellent example for the whole industry to use cutting-edge technologies to promote the upgrading of industrial intelligent technology.”

Always keep the initial thought

As the saying goes, “Success comes naturally.” With years of hands-on experience, XU Ruyi viewed every project he participated in as technical cultivation. Gradually growing up with these bits of work, he eventually became a recognized technical leader in China’s waterproof materials industry, relying on scientific and technological innovation. XU Ruyi, who has since risen to fame, hasn’t stopped. Aside from many new technologies being researched and developed, he has also held key leadership positions in many well-known organizations in the industry such as: B. The Ready-Mixed Mortar Branch of the China Building Material Council. He has done a lot of work, which has benefited the development of the industry in many ways, such as popularizing high and new technologies, sharing industry boundaries, and staff training, which has become an important driving force for the high quality development of the global waterproof materials industry.

XU Ruyi once said that as a scientific and technological worker, the most important work philosophy and mission is “to be down-to-earth, truth-seeking and pragmatic, and realizing personal worth.” It is these simple answers with rich content that express XU Ruyi’s ongoing duty and mission as the leading scientific research expert in the industry. It is the dedication and responsibility of this duty that makes XU Ruyi’s life shine with constant struggle and diligence.

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