The world’s first decentralized live entertainment platform based on Web3 and blockchain technology is now live! Industry authorities agree that Crybeto, a project strategically backed by Asia’s largest $100 million online entertainment group, has pioneered the industry’s first single bet payout system with full data transparency and zero high fees. The platform will subsequently be rolled out on all fronts in blockchain casino gaming while also being equipped with new technological developments with an eye on expanding the foreign market and building a new ecosystem for the Crybeto brand.

Founded in August 2022, Crybeto is the world’s leading decentralized live entertainment platform supporting single bet payouts! With a legal license from the European Malta Authority (MGA), an official license from the Colombian gaming authority Coljuegos and a legal license from PAGCOR in the Philippines, Crybeto has opened its own physical arcades in Europe, America and Asia! Crybeto follows the development of the Web3 era and the trend of blockchain. With the use of Web3+ blockchain technology, you can solve problems disruptively, e.g. B. Platform outliers, data opacity, and player disadvantages. Crybeto has developed into the fairest, most transparent and most profitable platform in the industry and quickly attracted attention worldwide.

In an industry that lacks regulation, centralized platforms, especially the centralized gaming platforms, are exposing more and more industry-wide issues, including platform fraud, late or non-payment, data opacity, and even more and more platforms abandoned scams and carpet pulling. All these problems are destroying users’ trust in the industry, the use of Web3 + blockchain technology can completely solve these problems, and decentralization will surely become the future of online gaming industry.

Crybeto’s founding team comes from the head of the gaming and cryptocurrency industry, with rich and diverse experience in gaming company operations, online marketing, finance and blockchain technology development. Crybeto’s founding team understands that the only way to gain a place in the competitive gaming market is to innovate and solve the industry’s pain points. was born for the right market needs!

Crybeto product philosophy: fairness, transparency and user-friendliness

Easy Account Registration: With just a web 3.0 cryptocurrency wallet, a user can register and log in in less than 30 seconds.

Withdrawals for individual bets: no deposit required on the platform, the wallet is tied to the bet, each bet is settled to the user’s wallet in real time after the lottery, to protect the safety of user funds and the trust issue between the user and the platform to solve.

Totally transparent: Crybeto uses blockchain technology to perform on-chain processing of each transaction and all data is open and transparent and traceable on-chain.

Zero vigorish: Traditional gaming platforms are both referees and athletes, with high and opaque vitality fees, resulting in an absolutely disadvantageous situation for the users of these platforms. While Crybeto only provides services and features, the bookmakers and players are platform users and all funds are settled directly from the users via the blockchain.

CBO Token: CBO is a platform token issued by Crybeto based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), CBO represents Crybeto’s equity and is used for various economic activities within the Crybeto platform, users can use CBO- Get rewards by betting, staking, referring other users and other ecosystem relevant actions on Crybeto. CBO demand increases as the number of participants increases, and limited issuance, consumption, increasing scarcity and token burning mechanisms ensure that CBO’s value is bullish in the long term.

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