BitStar (Bitstar Capital Group INC.) is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in July 2020, Bitstar is a global cryptocurrency trading platform that offers trading features such as spot, margin, futures, swaps, AMM and financial services. It is preferred by more than 3 million users in more than 200 countries and regions and currently supports customer service in 10 languages ​​and more than 2,000 communities. Bitstar has set up a complete ecological layout for the industry around digital currency issuance, circulation, application, valuation and blockchain layer technology. With its self-developed, proprietary transaction matching engine and excellent user experience, Bitstar strives to create a highly secure, stable and efficient cryptocurrency exchange for global users and become the infrastructure of the blockchain world.

Bitstar Exchange users are very convenient to use. And it is one of the platforms with the cheapest processing fee. It also offers a variety of trading modes for clients to choose from, including one of the hottest stock market methods, ultra-short-term trading that can be bought and sold at any time when the trend node is stable, and the second contract mode. Free and convenient transactions, withdraw money at any time and quickly arrive in the account.

BitStar has its own independent foundation, which is well known throughout Asia and is actively involved in charity and global environmental protection. On October 12, 2021, it was recognized by the Vancouver City Government with the title of “Best Enterprise” and won the Vancouver The “Best Environmental Protection Operation and Maintenance Enterprise Service Ability (Grade A)” awarded by the Environmental Protection Association and Volunteers Certificate “The Most Caring Enterprise” issued by the Vancouver Charity Federation.

BitStar Exchange has a growing team of contributors around the world. Currently we have more than 130 team members led by the founding team. The founding team members are executives recognized by the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community as leaders in the industry and have actively driven some of the most important innovations in the field since 2011. It has successfully deployed blockchain technology and highly complex products, creating the largest encrypted store with the most transaction variants across the network.

With the end of the staking phase of the internet and real estate industries in Asia, the giants of the encryption market are once again focusing on the Asian market and the importance behind it cannot be underestimated. BitStar’s cryptocurrency layout in Asia has also started quietly. From a macro perspective, the Asian market has become a “battleground” for crypto giants because its economic development leaves a lot of room for imagination; From the perspective of the development of the company itself, the other two reasons are related to the crypto layout and the giant’s territorial expansion plans. As for Southeast Asia as a whole, Southeast Asia has great potential for economic development. Southeast Asia is located in the southeastern part of Asia and includes 11 countries. Among them, the economically developed countries Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia are the core countries. Southeast Asia is the most populous country or region in the world excluding China and India: the ten ASEAN countries alone have a population of 600 million.

In Southeast Asia with a large population, the level of digital economy has developed rapidly in recent years, but is relatively backward in terms of understanding and awareness of cryptocurrencies. Whether infrastructure construction or population market, its development opportunities are enormous. Looking at the entire Southeast Asian market, it is difficult to find a system as complete as the BitStar International Exchange. A large number of vacancies is putting the encryption market in Southeast Asia in a period of increasing dividends, which is also the main reason for BitStar to increase its investments in Southeast Asia. In addition, the pursuit of “globalization” is very important. With its own capital, strength, technology and other aspects relatively full, the strategic direction of globalization has become an important trend.

BitStar’s offices across the Asian market cover countries with a market share of more than 70%. Therefore, if an international company wants to succeed in globalization, the Asian market is an important strategic outpost and pivot. Both the demographic dividend and the economic development point to great potential in the future market. In addition, the encryption industry has seen ups and downs. BitStar agrees that the future will usher in a new wave of peak and the future bitcoin market will reach its most glorious time. The team predicts that in 2030 Bitcoin the price of one coin may exceed $1 million, which will be a milestone in the representativeness of the cryptocurrency market.

To thank customers in Asia for their strong support, BitStar has lowered the withdrawal fee for Asian users from a previous 0.05% to 0.0342%. And provide Asian customers with 24-hour online one-to-one service to bring customers a better experience and feeling. There are more preferential policies to come, which will be displayed on BitStar’s official website, and we look forward to your attention.

BitStar company solemnly promises to treat each client with all its heart. The technical level is definitely the best in the business. Our company will continue to update and upgrade to improve customer experience. In terms of financial security, the BitStar company will strictly protect the security of each user, strictly implement the purpose of BitStar “perfect, fast, safe”, and strictly adhere to the company’s ideological guideline: “caring for others, warm in action.” Caring for the Earth, Protecting the Environment”.

Bitstar Capital Group Co.,Ltd.

Official website:

Company number: 1082578-6

Commercial number: 745083717RC0001

Member Association: Vancouver Crypto Assets Trading Association

Research Institution: Canadian Market Research Institute

Contact: Kelly Bridge (Responsible person can check the official website)

Company: Bitstar Capital Group INC. (available on the official website)

E-mail: [email protected] (company email address)

City: Vancouver, Canada

Address: 1275 W 6th Ave, Suite 300 Vancouver BC V6H 1A6 Canada

Source Bitstar Inc.

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