The Muyan Riverside Scenic Cherry Blossom Viewing Area in Nanjing (Jiangsu, China) was built along the Yangtze River with a total length of 3.5 kilometers. 5,052 cherry blossom trees are planted along the riverbank. Confirmed by the WRCA, the Muyan Riverside Scenic Cherry Blossom Viewing Area successfully set the world record for “largest number of cherry blossom trees on the riverfront trail.”

Upon receiving this declaration, World Records Certification (WRCA) strictly adhered to the principles namely fairness, impartiality and openness to conduct the entire verification process. After extensive communication and verification with the applicant, the record keeping team conducted rigorous comparative research on the declaration data worldwide, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the declaration. The UK Head Office Certification Officer then paid an on-site inspection visit and confirmed the exact dates allowed. Finally the valid world record was established.

Nanjing, also known as Nanking, is the capital of Jiangsu Province in eastern China. With a history spanning over 2,000 years, it has served as the capital of multiple dynasties and governments, including the Ming Dynasty and the Republic of China.

It is one of the four ancient capitals of China as well as an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. The city is the only capital among the four ancient capitals whose political power has never fallen into the hands of foreign rulers. It has long been the political, economic and cultural center of southern China. With a civilization history of more than 7,000 years, an urban history of nearly 2,600 years, and a capital history of nearly 500 years, Nanjing is known as “the ancient city of the six dynasties” and “the capital of the ten dynasties”.

The scenic riverside cherry blossom viewing area Muyan is known as the longest “cherry blossom avenue” in Nanjing. In an effort to make the Appreciation Resort stunning and wonderful, the government highlighted the features of Nanjing’s cherry blossom scenery, enhanced both the quality and scale of the scenic spot, and demonstrated the style of the city across the river.

The cherry blossom has originated in China since ancient times. During the early Tang Dynasty, many cherry blossoms grew in the mountains along the Yangtze River. Nanjing’s Muyan River Cherry Blossom Belt starts from Wumadu in the west to Yanzi Ji Square in the east, covering a total length of 3.5 kilometers and an area of ​​420,000 square meters. 5,052 cherry blossoms of 43 varieties were planted, which is the longest and most numerous cherry blossom trees in China. With the river sparkling and the cherry blossoms swaying in the wind, people can see the combination of dynamic and peaceful scenery here, the balance between entertainment and nature.

Mount Mu Fu included the 6 headlights of Jinling’s total 48 views, namely Yanji Sunset, Yongji River, Damo Ancient Cave, Shogunate Climbing, Hua Long Li Di, and Jia Shan Wen Jing. It is an ideal leisure destination with strong cultural characteristics and a combination of Nanjing’s historical and cultural scenery, natural scenery and river scenery. Confirmed by the WRCA, the Muyan Riverside Scenic Cherry Blossom Viewing Area successfully set the world record for “largest number of cherry blossom trees on the riverfront trail.”

The World Record Certification (WRCA) is a globally recognized authoritative certification body for records. Headquartered in London, UK, WRCA operates in many countries including USA, Russia, China, Japan, India, etc. With strong data support and standardized operation, the institution focuses on promoting and accelerating the development of world record culture communication.

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