Author: DU Jing

Among the many branches of medicine, it can be said that clinical neurology is one of the most difficult branches. The nervous system is full of the human body and its structure is extremely complex with characteristics of a single movement affecting the whole body. Therefore, when diagnosing and treating diseases of the nervous system, we must be very careful and keep a clear head to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of patients.

As a clinical physician in the field of neurology, a graduate of Peking University, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of neurology at Boston Children’s Hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School, and a senior physician in the department of neurology at Peking University International Hospital, LIU Jingjing has in Throughout her more than ten-year medical career in neurology, she has always adhered to the original intention of “helping patients recover, as the ultimate goal”. She diagnoses the cause of the disease, treats the disease and strives for the well-being of the patients. LIU Jingjing has accumulated rich clinical experience in the field of neurology for more than ten years and has made great achievements in the field of transcranial magnetic stimulation. She takes “Station – Laboratory – Home” as the three-pointed lifeline. She has independently developed four proprietary achievements based on theoretical results and accumulated clinical experience from scientific and technical research: “Research on the localization of motor functional areas based on transcranial magnetic stimulation technology of navigation”, “Localization of linguistic functional areas of transcranial navigation magnetic stimulation”, “Repeat treatment with transcranial magnetic stimulation” and “Clinical-diagnostic application of transcranial magnetic stimulation”. LIU Jingjing applied these research results to clinical diagnosis and treatment, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of patient diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, many pain points and difficulties that exist in the field of clinical research medicine of neurology have been solved, which has brought great confidence to the study of disease mechanisms in the field of clinical medicine of neurology. According to her years of clinical experience, LIU Jingjing introduced various standardized treatments according to the patient’s condition, and introduced the “treatment for the person” diagnosis and treatment method, which brought much gospel to patients.

In order to further study and explore the mechanism and treatment of nervous system diseases, and to better help patients affected by nervous system diseases, LIU Jingjing has overcome medical problems. She studied various diseases and published a number of articles in medical journals, such as Neurology Intensive Care Unit Monitoring, etc. They have made important breakthroughs and contributions in the field of neurology clinical medicine. In the actual clinical diagnosis and treatment, LIU Jingjing combined with her own previous medical research, asked about the patient’s specific symptoms, and carefully analyzed the patient’s test report data. She has always kept a level head and traced back to the source to ensure there was no misdiagnosis or wrong treatment.

For many years, LIU Jingjing never aspired to advancement and wealth, but diligently devoted herself to her medical career. Every day after she finishes the work, LIU Jingjing has to work overtime to patrol the ward, follow the health status of various patients, and closely monitor the patient’s health status changes. If the patient’s symptoms suddenly worsen or other complications arise, LIU Jingjing will immediately search her brain for solutions to the relevant symptoms and formulate new treatment plans to ensure that the patient’s condition can be put back on the right track of control .

Throughout her illustrious career as a doctor, LIU Jingjing found that many patients developed various nervous system symptoms, such as high fever, coma, epileptic seizures, and unsteady gait, after being injected with various vaccines. After LIU Jingjing’s quick and professional diagnosis, she found that all patients were victims of autoimmune encephalitis. After LIU Jingjing administered hormone pulse therapy and immunomodulatory therapy to them, these patients’ symptoms improved significantly. LIU Jingjing’s professional treatment program brought miraculous effects to the patients’ condition.

No matter how tiresome the medical work is, LIU Jingjing has always kept a clear head and provided the most accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients. Always maintaining excellent medical skills and noble medical ethics, she built a solid life front for patients. LIU Jingjing will continue to study the mechanisms of various diseases and combine theory with practice to contribute to the advancement of medicine and human health.

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