Speaking to GB News reporter Ben Turner about Britain’s exit from the bloc, Mr Farage said Brexit voters had “every right” to feel betrayed. He said: “The Conservative Party, which fought it all the way, then got us a very bad deal.”

“Boris Johnson told us it was oven ready. I mean, the oven wasn’t even preheated, to be honest, and I just don’t think they ever really believed in it.”

READ MORE: Nigel Farage slams Boris Johnson and Tories over Brexit

He went on to say he was “very disappointed” at how the Tories had accepted Brexit “as an option” and spoke about the problems with border controls. He said: “I think people who voted for Brexit to take back control of our borders have every right now, three years later, to feel betrayed by this government.”

He added: “After more than three years of terrible chaos, Boris Johnson’s government has the world at its feet. They had the chance to create opportunities and advantages for tens of millions of Britons and they dropped the ball.”

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