Neston Independent Businesses – You survived, now it’s time to prosper

Published: March 16, 2021 9:07 AM

We are passionate about bringing companies, customers, events and everything to do with Neston together. So let’s introduce Neston Independents …

  • Promotion of local, independent companies
  • Providing an affordable online hub with a web app for your business
  • Maximize your contact with existing and potential customers and visitors
  • Getting Neston’s business moving again.

Neston is blessed with an abundance of independent businesses, an eclectic mix of shops and services, restaurants and housewares. We are passionate about spending hard earned cash locally and believe that now is the time to revitalize, bring back a sense of the hustle and bustle, add to Neston’s nostalgia, and do so in people’s hands and homes To bring life to life.

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Working with Cheshire West and Chester Council and Neston Town Council, we plan to launch this “Shop Local” initiative by promoting and maximizing your online presence and developing a convenient journey for your customers.

You may be familiar with the Independent Wirral and Wirral Spend Independent rewards programs. Following the same ethos, we want to establish a Neston-specific identity designed to profile our territory and all that it has to offer.

A collective loyalty program may well follow, but the first step in this project is to establish an online identity for the locally available products and services that will allow customers to access them more easily and conveniently.

Apps are where they are these days, and developing your own app is an expensive option right now. What we offer is your own mini app that can include anything from an appointment booking function to a full blown business or something in between.

You have your own back office to monitor statistics and update details. The mini-app is web-based, so you can also promote your URL elsewhere. Plus, you’ll be featured in Neston’s one-stop online shop, a handy place where residents and visitors can find everything they need to know about the area, their business, and the community.

Why now?

It’s a harsh truth that COVID-19 only accelerated the decline of Main Street. Consumers have welcomed the opportunity to shop remotely and have goods and services delivered to their door. It depends on the speed of delivery and the convenience of not leaving home.

While the lockdown can certainly be blamed for the dramatic drop in visitor numbers, this change in habits will outlive any “reopening of society”.

Geography means that local businesses are best placed to deliver quickly and / or offer convenient click and collect services. Service, experience and reputation are the main differentiators between independents and corporate giants.

How will it work?

The Neston Independents Hub will be primarily included in the Neston Life app and the customer journey will be replicated on The content is categorized as follows to channel visitors as they want or need:

  • Neston home
  • Neston gift
  • Neston service
  • Neston wellbeing
  • Neston eats
  • Neston Marketplace

Each participating company has its own presence in the appropriate category, either as a standalone online presence or as a sign for customers on your own website / social media feed, or both!

Grant funding covers the initial setup and launch of the project. An ongoing but moderate monthly service fee is then charged per company. Our goal is to make this affordable for everyone so that as many companies as possible can be on board.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us. We’ll send you a non-binding, simple form to fill out to help us plan the next steps.

Let’s get the Neston business moving again together. #NestonIndependents

E-mail: [email protected]


Facebook: @AboutMyAreaNeston

Twitter: @NestonNews

Instagram: @neston_life

Download the Neston Life App

Further details on the project can be found here

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