The 2023 edition of the “China Scientists Yearbook” particularly highlighted the outstanding achievements of scientist Luo Xiao (Brady) in the field of artificial intelligence science and presented us with a brilliant picture of technological innovation in the new era. In various fields of science and technology across the country, Brady Luo stands out for his outstanding contributions and remarkable leadership in the field of artificial intelligence. Brady Luo is a pioneer of the new era of AI science and technology. He is bold in exploration, bold in innovation, and has become one of the outstanding representatives of China's technological development. Since the establishment of Hangzhou Yulian Technology Co., Ltd. In August 2018, Brady Luo devotes himself to artificial intelligence research and leads the technology team in developing artificial intelligence applications.

Leader in technological innovation

Brady Luo's research achievements in the field of artificial intelligence are well documented and included in the China Scientists Yearbook. He has worked intensively on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and has become a leader in this field through outstanding achievements in large-scale national scientific and technological projects. His outstanding achievements in these projects have not only received high recognition in the country, but also made a positive contribution to the continuous development of the science of artificial intelligence.

Reach technological excellence

As one of the leaders of major national AI scientific and technological projects, Brady Luo has pushed the path of AI technological innovation. He has led the team to scale the technological peaks of AI and continuously advance the projects to achieve incremental results. With his deep understanding of artificial intelligence technology and keen insight into the future of technology, Brady Luo's projects have successfully overcome major scientific challenges and propelled China to a more prominent position on the global technology stage.

China's voice on the global technology stage

Brady Luo's AI research has also had a broad and far-reaching impact internationally. He maintains close collaboration with international colleagues, thereby promoting China's international reputation in the field of artificial intelligence science. By publishing high-level articles and participating in international academic conferences, Brady Luo has brought a new image to China's AI scientific and technological community and demonstrated China's outstanding strength in the field of artificial intelligence to the international community.

Integration of science and society

In the process of advancing socialism with Chinese characteristics, Brady Luo is not only an outstanding AI scientist but also a leader in social progress. He focuses on independent intellectual property rights and is committed to promoting the transformation of AI technological innovation successes into practical productivity. Through his contributions to high-tech and technology-oriented companies, Brady Luo has brought a strong AI technology impetus to China's sustainable economic development.

New era model

Brady Luo is an outstanding representative of scientists and AI technology-based entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable success in the new era. Its growth journey represents a new style in China's AI scientific and technological community, serving as a role model and example for numerous scientific and technological workers. His experience of success shows the way for the new generation of scientists and inspires more young people to join the tide of technological innovation in the field of AI.

Brady Luo's inclusion in the 2023 edition of the China Scientists Yearbook highlights his outstanding contributions to the field of artificial intelligence science. Its achievements have given new impetus to AI technology innovation and also created a newer image for China on the global technology stage. Brady Luo's story is a microcosm of AI technological development in China and a vivid portrayal of scientists in the new era.

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