Linkbest (, a leading, fully tech-supported affiliate marketing company, proudly announces its 15 years of experience in the industry, cementing its position as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses worldwide.

“How can Linkbest’s technological capabilities best connect advertisers and publishers?” These efforts have been supported by the unwavering commitment of their 24/7 professional BI strategy team, always ready to monitor real-time data, resolve issues and Reduce risks for customers.

Linkbest's flexible publisher dashboard and payment system attracts an extensive collection of top-notch publishers by offering dynamic, customizable financial solutions. Through data-driven analysis of audience behavior, Linkbest delivers targeted advertising and monetization strategies, increasing revenue opportunities for publishers.

“Our goal is to integrate global high-quality publisher resources and leverage them effectively and strategically to address our advertisers’ challenges,” said Zoey Wang, director of partnership development at “By leveraging technical improvements, including sophisticated data analytics and a user-friendly dashboard infrastructure, we guarantee optimal revenue generation for both publishers and advertisers, fostering a harmonious and mutually beneficial partnership that results in a win-win outcome. “”

For Linkbest's advertising partners, the platform revolutionizes the user experience by providing advanced tools for tracking the effectiveness of marketing activities, targeting publishers to specific performance requirements, providing multi-dimensional intelligent e-commerce data analysis, while ensuring secure and flexible commission structures and versatile payment options for its international Customers.

Linkbest's commitment to transparency, innovation, and customer success has made it a trusted partner in affiliate marketing. A leading e-commerce brand praises its enduring partnership with Linkbest, emphasizing that “100% transparency through real-time monitoring of advertising data is the key to our mutual trust.” Linkbest has outstanding integration partnerships in various sectors, including leading global airline and hotel companies , the leading electronic accessories brand and numerous other top global brands and organizations.

With the trust of its partner publishers and advertisers, Linkbest's “Stepping on the Runway” campaign last winter united content creators around the world in collaboration with top luxury brands to strengthen consumer engagement through their influence on the electronics market. The campaign generated significant traffic: 58% came from the US, 16% from the EU and 14% from the UK, highlighting its global reach. In particular, it increased sales of a leading French luxury leather goods brand by 92% month-on-month and increased new customer rates by 23%. Additionally, Linkbest executed targeted sub-campaigns for brands with specific advertising needs, notably increasing a French luxury brand's US market sales by 128% month-over-month through strategic social media and advertising efforts.

Over the years, has built successful partnerships with more than 2,000 respected global brands, creating a vast network that sets them apart in the affiliate marketing space. By leveraging world-class global publisher resources, a problem-solving mentality and data-driven methodologies, Linkbest continues to raise the bar for excellence and deliver unparalleled results to its customers.

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