REGIS NET LIMITED company is reported to have created the MAC Foundation and announced that it has raised $ 15 million to distribute blockchain games. It hopes to renew the traditional game distribution mode with the help of blockchain and token technology and bring a new decentralized financial game to the market [Magic Metaverse] Open the Global Public Beta in December 2021.

Jason Jones, CEO of the MAC Foundation, said, “Our goal is to capitalize on REGIS NET LIMITED to make it the world’s leading provider of blockchain games. In traditional gaming distribution, factors such as the pursuit of maximizing profits or effectively finding users must often be considered. Blockchain game distribution is different, however. We already have successful blockchain game products. For now, we hope to be able to help more game developers make their profits in this new market. “

Mitchell Dong, partner of UpHonest Capital, who participated in this investment of 5 million game experts and blockchain experts as well as a consulting team from Microsoft Bungie, Nitrome, MSU Spartasoft and USC Gamepipe Lab. I have full faith in their skills and expect them to add greater value to the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

It is an epic 3D version of the Magic Land Adventure RPG ARPG game that is based on the Intelligent Currency Safety Chain (BSC) and integrates elements such as “Mining, Pledge, Battle, DEFI, NFT and DAO”.

The game uses the classic round of games method to build a strange virtual world – the continent of Andre. On this continent there are many magicians with superpowers who gather their powers to fight the demon king Assad and to recapture the lost territory and the “André Stone”.

Choice of MAC Fund: F.Rome [Magic Metaverse] to [Live Metaverse]

The game is currently considered almost the best entry point into the meta-universe. Given industry law, user attributes, technical preparation, and other aspects, it is most likely being run by the game company. The common aim of Live Metaverse and games is that the experience of the virtual world can be more realistic.

the [Magic Metaverse] The development team invested by the MAC Foundation consists of such people. The technology provided by the team is intended to integrate other elements into the game design and offer players a rich game world.

We hope that in the Metaverse extension, more forms of assets can be traded and distributed, the virtual world assets can be brought to the real world, and the real world assets can also be circulated and used in the virtual world.

We hope to finally break through the barriers of the Metaverse, build a multi-interactive world, realize the trading of assets and roles in the multi-universe and build a comprehensive ecosystem of the Metaverse.

Magic Metaverse has been rated as one of the most anticipated blockchain games in 2022 by some overseas media outlets.

Currently, the large-scale chain game [Magic Metaverse] invested by the MAC Foundation, negotiating with Jump Capital, NGC Ventures, the Binance Foundation and other investment institutions. In the future, more capital will be able to participate in investments and financing. Please pay attention to the official information in good time.





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