According to relevant data, hundreds of exchanges are currently listed by CoinMarketCap and other statistical platforms and, according to media reports, tens of thousands of exchanges have still not been included. Although the three major exchanges rank first in the industry, they have not created a monopoly. Bibox is also moving towards globalization with its dark horse husbandry.

Bibox was founded in November 2017. For almost 4 years Bibox has established itself in the international market with secure and reliable foreign exchange transactions, the hiring of high quality projects and the professionalism of Perpetual Futures services. According to coingecko, Bibox’s 24-hour trading volume is $ 420 million so far. Many social platforms show that Bibox is always mentioned when talking about digital assets. It is also a platform recommended by many international KOLs. Bibox enjoys a good reputation among many foreign users. When searching for keywords related to digital assets on Youtube, videos about Bibox are at the forefront, and Bibox accounts on Twitter and Facebook have also grown significantly and become the first choice for trading in the hearts of users around the world become digital assets.

The Bibox strategic game is very simple, that is, constantly improving the business. Since the official start of the Perpetual Futures Service in 2019, countless updates and optimizations have resulted in products that are easy to use and offer a wide range of functions. This benefited from the “user recommendations”, quantitative tools, one-click copy trading and mobile take profit and stop loss which are also the needs of KOL and the users. This is of course also because the technical team is strong, be it R&D staff or testers, they all come from the blockchain and AI industry and have a wealth of industry experience. In addition, Bibox has continued to develop in the area of ​​compliance and has never exceeded the limits. Bibox is active in all parts of the world as long as it is in the areas of Bibox’s business.

Bibox currently already has a Swiss VQF Financial Compliance license. Bibox has set up operational centers in more than ten countries including Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Estonia and is trying to apply for a local compliance license. Acquiring a license is an important step in the global layout. Bibox’s further task is to transfer the technology that has accumulated in the blockchain area to other areas and to accelerate the implementation and development of blockchain technology. Compliance and internationalization are the path that Bibox has taken from start to finish.

With the hot digital asset market and large numbers of new traffic entering the international market, Bibox will continue to enrich the user experience as the number of users increases, realizing its own value with a more professional attitude and service. Bibox is ready to make continuous efforts to realize the value of digital assets on a global scale.

Wonderful activities are underway:

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