G WORLD International AI Technology Co., Ltd., the world’s first integrated ecological platform integrating artificial intelligence, Web 3.0, education and financial management, was officially launched, shaking the global field of AI technology.

The company’s main business areas include AI sparring teaching, AI digital human, AI automatic financial services, etc. The company adopts cutting-edge AI technology and innovative spirit to provide customers with a full range of AI solutions. This launch not only marks a new breakthrough in the field of AI, but also guides the new development trend of global AI technology.

In the current age of digitization and networking, AI technology has become the focus of global attention and a major force in promoting social development. In this context, the emergence of G WORLD is undoubtedly groundbreaking and groundbreaking. The company has assembled the world’s leading AI technology team, committed to innovation and exploration, thus having a deep understanding and application of AI technology. Through efficient collaboration, they have created this new ecological AI platform. From now on, G WORLD is undoubtedly a rising force in global AI technology. Its business model and technological innovations show us the new direction and possibilities of AI technology.

We anticipate that G WORLD will continue to provide the best user experience, lead the development of global AI technology, and create greater value for global users through continuous technological innovation and product improvement.

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