On January 20, 2022, the world’s leading game distribution platform NEXTYPE launched MiningTycoon V2. Previously, the MiningTycoon V2 beta trial was available on HECO to test the robustness of the game economy system and allow long-time backers to get to know some new features in advance.

MiningTycoon is the engine of the NEXTYPE economy, allowing players to easily stake and mine NT tokens to participate in the ecosystem. Thus, a variety of varied gameplays are updated in MiningTycoon V2. Players can not only participate in NT mining by staking NT, but also LP tokens and NFTs. In addition, the mining pools of mainstream tokens like BTC and ETH will enrich the game. In the V2 IGO and various DLCs will be started.

New features in MiningTycoon V2

NFT mining pools

NFT Mining Pool is one of the central gameplays in MiningTycoon V2. Players can mine different NFTs with the updated NFT Mining Pools each game season. Exclusive NFT mining pools are also set up for particularly rare NFTs.

New game props

3 new props are presented in MiningTycoon V2, Spanner, Weekly Card and Monthly Card. All these props could increase base APR but with different effective time.

IGO mining pool

IGO refers to Initial Game Offering, the Initial Token Offering mechanism based on the MiningTycoon V2 game. The exclusive mining pools will be launched in MiningTycoon V2 for cooperative initially offered tokens. The projects ready to be launched on BSC or HECO can get full support from NEXTYPE by collaborating with NEXTYPE to launch IGO Mining Pool at IGO price.

NEXTYPE players could be whitelisted by holding NT to participate in the IGO process and receive the initial token shares of quality projects more cheaply and have the opportunity to participate in more diversified joint activities.


DLC are the innovative gameplay expansion packs in MiningTycoon V2, like mods and expansions in the traditional game areas. The DLC in MiningTycoon V2 will include IGO Mining Pool, NFT Mining Pool and Game Guild System.

MiningTycoon V2 is just the beginning. Next, NFT synthesis and lending in NFT Master, NDEX, NSWAP, new features in NT GameBox, and the next four GameFi games will be gradually rolled out.

In NEXTYPE, these products form the ecological cycle of playing, spending, consuming and burning. Stay tuned for more surprises that nexttype will bring us.

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