Artificial Intelligence uses games designed by Metaverse, which allow users to purchase privately customized products for their avatars with artificial intelligence-derived tokens, as well as purchase in-game digital assets. The Artificial Intelligence Metaverse is a virtual reality platform that allows users to create, experience and monetize their items in truly immersive ways.

Artificial intelligence is a blockchain-based virtual reality platform. It is one of the platforms that allows users and developers to create and experience augmented reality through smart contracts on the blockchain. Artificial intelligence offers the best way to create, distribute and experience virtual universes. Artificial Intelligence is an open source public blockchain designed to improve the way we share and connect online. For example, it will allow users to create their virtual worlds (or games) without third-party intervention. Artificial intelligence is a reality that can be changed by consensus. It also has its own economic system, meaning users don’t have to worry about real money getting in the way of entertainment in the metaverse. Artificial intelligence is one of the latest blockchain projects with a lot of potential. Artificial intelligence builds a virtual world where everyone can create their own avatar and do whatever they want.

The artificial intelligence metaverse offers users the ability to interact with friends and strangers via VR. This is a simulated world that allows users to create avatars and users can use their avatars for games or contacts. While we’re still waiting for a real metaverse to emerge, there are already more and more VR games that let you escape from reality into another world. Artificial intelligence is a virtual reality world where users can create anything and participate in various activities. Also, it can be used in various games. And through the airdrop of 100 million artificial intelligence derivative tokens, it will attract interested parties worldwide to participate in the experience and collaborate in the promotion.

The unique global artificial intelligence fan-verified airdrop mechanism.

All application tokens in the Artificial Intelligence game are application tokens developed on the basis of blockchain technology with a constant total of 1 billion pieces, which are used to pay for all purchases and consumption behaviors in the game, and all tokens that have been paid are destroyed at the same time. , of which 900 million are rewarded for the mining output by the behavior of all game participants, and the token destruction and production mechanism maintains 2:1 efficiency throughout the game (2 destruction, 1 output, general reduction mechanism).

The airdrop is expected to start on February 28, 2022, the airdrop time: one week, the total amount of airdrops: 100 million,

The artificial intelligence metaverse will support all participants with its cross-platform capabilities and accessible development environment, as well as the exclusive ATA token. As a result, developers can use artificial intelligence tokens to create their own private, customized gaming experiences on any internet-connected device. This means players don’t have to wait for a new version on console or PC to enjoy the game. Instead, all players around the world play simultaneously in real-time as everything happens in a shared virtual reality space called Artificial Intelligence.

The artificial intelligence metaverse means so much to people. It’s a virtual world where you can interact with relatives, friends and colleagues. It’s a place where you can get an immersive feeling that you can never experience in the physical world. ATA becomes a multi-platform application token. Artificial intelligence connects the Metaverse strongly with VRChat and Second Life in the VR world (Virtual Reality). Apart from augmented reality and the internet of things, we can also say that it is the entirety of the metaverse.

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