The invention and advancement of emerging science and technology has impacted thousands of industries. The gradual popularization of AI technology has accelerated iterative updating inside and outside the industry. But no matter how times change, marketing efficiency is always the topic of the times. How to better retain customer resources and achieve marketing conversion rate improvement is the core theme of companies, which not only determines the level of company profits, but also a special symbol to convey the growth of the company. “The ‘change’ in the marketing model lies in its active response to adapting to the new marketing environment. Change is the means and change is the law of the economy,” said PEI Chao.

PEI Chao, a well-known intelligent marketing expert in China, is the marketing director of Hebei Glacier Advertising Co., Ltd. and visiting professor at the Business School of China Academy of Management Science. He is an expert judge of the Zhongke Shengchuang Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Platform and was invited to the “AI • Fan” Marketing Algorithm Competition and was awarded the “2021 Outstanding Technology Innovation Achievements in Intelligent Marketing” and the title “14th Five-Year Plan” Technology Innovation Pioneer in Intelligent Marketing” and is well known in the industry.

In the age of rapid development of AI and big data, PEI Chao has his own understanding of the development of the intelligent marketing industry: “Intelligent marketing is an intelligent solution for marketing, which is based on marketing technology, and the core of which is innovation. The purpose is to achieve the effects of expanding sales access, extracting data value, improving system efficiency and improving seller skill levels, and realizing the closed loop of intelligent marketing, which involves connecting, participating, cultivating and transforming enabling strangers to become buyers. Intelligent marketing is a manifestation of internet business intelligence that can be viewed online. The combination of CRM, cloud, big data and AI will be the future of intelligent marketing.” Undoubtedly, integration and development with new technologies is the only way to grow and improve the marketing industry. How should we think to develop and design new technologies for “AI+Marketing”? From these points of view, PEI Chao used his professional acumen to quickly delve into the intelligent marketing research direction and released four new intelligent marketing technologies.

“An intelligent marketing promotion procedure and system based on big data technology” is to obtain the viewing data of various product advertisements viewed by all users, after combining big data technology with marketing methods, the degree of Calculate match when viewing clips from any two users and group all users, eventually get different user groups, then serve ads to each user group according to match level. It has greatly improved the recommendation hit rate of product ads. The “Artificial Neural Network Based Market Environment Analysis System” compares the basic operating characteristics of the artificial neural network with the marketing environment, and finally obtains the market environment analysis report under a variety of complex actual conditions. “Intelligent marketing model based on payment terminal data” is to integrate product information and customer information through a cloud server and calculate the weight to get the recommended marketing information of related products or related stores, and finally get the user’s advertising browsing preferences and Product preferences to achieve personalized marketing for different customers. Similar is “An Intelligent Precision Marketing System Based on Clustering Algorithm”, which collects, processes and analyzes data through a special type of artificial intelligence algorithm clustering algorithm to create user portraits, and then sends personalized advertisements to users according to the analysis Results.

These four intelligent marketing technologies not only develop personalized marketing promotion strategies for companies using them, help companies quickly occupy the target market, effectively improve market competitiveness, but also promote the innovative development of big data technology, technology of artificial intelligence in the field of intelligent marketing and compensate the market of intelligent marketing in payment terminals, cloud servers. There is a gap in the research and development of intelligent algorithms and artificial neural network analysis. They use big data analysis and data mining skills to find more sales opportunities, integrate big data technology into pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales links, realize sales automation management and to create a technical basis for the analysis of customer behavior in companies. At the same time, through the continuous analysis of company information across the network through intelligent technology combined with the company’s internal customer relationship management system, the platform collects and compares online user behavior data and uses machine learning to automatically create customer models. helps companies to accurately identify target customers, seize business opportunities, improve marketing conversion rate and income, and greatly promote business growth and development. It also brings immeasurable and far-reaching impact on the Intelligent Marketing industry.

“In the age of artificial intelligence, the development of technology has brought more imagination, automation, precision and intelligence to marketing, which are the three keywords in the development of intelligent marketing using science and technology such as artificial intelligence.” PEI Chao said he will continue to use its excellent professional skills and discrete innovative thinking to continuously launch new intelligent marketing technologies against the backdrop of the times, accurately meet the needs of users with artificial intelligence, and complete the efficient transformation from system application to marketing implementation. (Author: ZHANG Jia)

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