Four Future Digital Fashion Brands have been released.

Fashion Scout China, a leading international platform and consultancy dedicated to nurturing, promoting and showcasing emerging fashion and accessories designers from around the world, presents a curated selection of FOUR digital designers during London Fashion Week (19 February), including COSELF, ENTERFACE, HIDEMI and YITONGYIYU. In collaboration with stylist team UNITE Hair, a brand with cutting-edge styling and cutting techniques, and make-up team AOFM Pro, a top-class creative agency, Fashion Scout China will provide opportunities for brands to showcase their work in the international market.

About Fashion Scout China

Fashion Scout China, a key member of Fashion Scout family, has a five-year development plan in China to showcase and support designers. Fashion Scout China kicked off May 2021 with a highly influential fashion week featuring 18 shows and 22 showrooms and four forums including sustainable development.


With the beginning of spring everything comes alive again. With one click, a new metaverse erupts from time and space, staggered and disordered in 2023, where emerging digital fashions collide to highlight new fashion aesthetics and a pioneering attitude. From February 17th to 21st, COSELF, a WEB3.0 virtual-real symbiotic IP brand, will present their new seasonal “COSELF Metaverse Digital High Fashion Collection Show” at the Extraordinary Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week February 2023.”

COSELF Metaverse Digital High Fashion Collection Show is brought to life by BUZHIWU, trend artist, creator in all media and curator, who focuses on virtual fashion, aesthetic outcomes and new trending art.


Enterface is a digital fashion studio founded in 2020 by ERAN, a virtual fashion designer from the London College of Fashion. The brand’s name is a combination of founder ERAN and the English word INTERFACE, which means “the interface to the virtual world”.

Enterface is obsessed with creating whimsical, fun, wearable digital fashion and invites audiences to explore the future of fashion from a metaverse worldview.


Established in June 2016, YITONGYIYU is a high-end women’s bespoke clothing brand that upholds the idea of ​​”new women who know how to appreciate and express themselves, confidence and knowledge”.

Mr. Liu Tong, who graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion in 2000, has worked as a brand designer for well-known women’s clothing companies in China. Today he is an associate professor at Chengdu Textile College. In April 2015, he founded Tongyu Clothing Design Studio and is now the founder and chief designer of “YITONGYIYU” brand.


HIDEMI was founded in 2018. At a time when women’s identities are being diversified, we are committed to incorporating simple and unbridled dress language into a relaxed, free lifestyle. The clothes cover the female body and express emotions and feelings.

DEMI means half in French, while HIDEMI stands for inner self-search and self-encountering. How to be cheerful, self-reliant, and break free from the shackles of multiple identities is HIDEMI’s women’s philosophy of dressing and living.









Apparel Designer/Apparel Modeling: @eeenterface

Landscape and shoe design/modelling: @stubborndoesxran


Motion capture: @luke_guan; @eeinterface

Film Editor:@eeenterface

Artistic direction: @eeenterface; @sturborndoesxran

Music: @AIVA


Creative Director: Demi

Artistic Director: Mus

Film director: Nick Yuan

Styling: Darin Dong

Production: Shuiyan Zhao

Make-up: San Shui

Hair: Xia Wen

Model: Anna E, Gu Yutong, Shu Wen

Press Inquiries: [email protected]

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