NFT games have a stake in the emerging industries of 2021.

As of 2017, the first generation of NFT games represented by CryptoKitties lacked an appropriate in-game economy, resulting in continued player loss and decline.

In 2019, with the advent of the digital game economy, the second generation of NFT games began to have a play-to-earn, or P2E, model. This “play and make money” model has been effective in enhancing the player’s long-term participation. At the same time, the P2E model enables players to generate income in the form of in-game tokens / rewards. The tokens / rewards in these games can be used in-game, can also be traded on public exchanges, and can also be redeemed into the player’s local legal currency.

The sufficiently open world of the second generation NFT game also paved the way for the development of the Metaverse.

In the year 2021, in the special time when the NFT game industry is about to enter the explosive phase, a martial arts game with the characteristics of the NFT game of the “third generation” appeared; the era of NFT game 3.0 has officially arrived.

Mushu: Let value freely transfer

Mushu is a decentralized trading platform (DEX) built on top of the BSC chain that integrates many elements such as NFT on-chain games, farms and aggregators to form a complete Mush Finance ecosystem. At the same time, Mushu is also a martial arts NFT game with Chinese martial arts elements as the core. It has a more refined gaming experience and the benefit of P2E with games to make money. Mushu aggregates the investments and will soon be listed on many stock exchanges and has opened the Chinese market, supported by many Chinese investors. To date, the project’s market value has exceeded $ 1 million.

Mushu Finance is a decentralized hybrid income with value-optimized, economically sustainable (income farm and income aggregator) that runs on the Genechain blockchain.

Mushu Finance was one of the first yield farms launched on Genechain. Our goal is to build the largest technology ecosystem in genes and to make Mushu one of the best tokens in the DEFI sector within a year with an extremely passionate and experienced team.

Mushu also has a buy-back-and-burn mechanism based on the number of holders, which creates a continuously rising price event.

As the main role of NFT game 3.0, Mushu combines better game design and economical model. Whether it’s game graphics, gameplay, P2E experience and integration into the martial arts world, Mushu has undoubtedly achieved the ultimate. If sales are the driving force behind the current popularity of NFT games, then Mushu has actually stepped into the larger mainstream gaming community as production value increasingly aligns with traditional 3A games.

There are always new ideas in the arena and the world is free and simple

With a better gaming experience and more free trading space, Mushu uses a decentralized structure to organically link the constituent molecules of the game’s entire ecological chain in order to achieve direct docking, loss-free circulation and secure storage of the individual values. The total circulation of the platform tokens is 25 million, of which 8 million are used for market circulation.

Chinese martial arts style NFT on-chain game (mushu) gained high recognition in the market before going online and continues to shine on social media of public opinion and user reputation.

Today we have some big news to announce: The Chinese martial arts-style NFT game Mushu will be officially released on November 20th, 2021!

Website :

Twitter : @MushuFinance

Contract address: 0x72e8Cc51a3E30C51B40a99f5A5462704bD0A5f3d

See you on November 20th!

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