AOFEX is an open exchange for Dogecoin stocks, BTC stocks, ETH stocks, LTC stocks and EOS stocks. AOFEX, based in London, UK, is a leading global service platform for digital assets with security. Persistent on the mission to “bring more people into the digital finance world” and the vision to be “the most influential digital finance platform providing services to 10 million institutional and skilled investors”, AOFEX has the cutting edge of traditional financial risk control system for banks and stocks , took over the underlying security technologies, set up an internal monitoring and warning system and set up a risk reserve mechanism.

AOFEX, a leading global service platform for digital asset security, provides users with many financial derivatives and continues to develop more digital financial derivatives. It offers investors extensive options in terms of margin trading, perpetual swap and innovative options. Further activities for users will be started in the future.

AOFEX has created groups for futures, options and 1000X futures with K-line School, which enable group members to communicate with each other. Also, derivative influencers and tutors are invited to share their experiences, answer group members’ questions, and analyze the markets and firm orders.

AOFEX insists on the principle of security first, user orientation and continues to drive the development of the blockchain industry.

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