On November 22nd, Anmai Cloud founder Roger Wu and a dozen global tech-savvy experts outlined the future metaverse from the perspectives of network technologies, laws and regulations, data security and ESG in a webinar on the topic of metaverse.

There is no doubt that 2021 is the year of the metaverse. As Roger Wu noted at the meeting, “The metaverse is an inevitable outcome when human exploration and science reach a certain stage. It is a new world based on human technologies that can offer people a new form of virtual life, work and digital experience. ”This gives people greater space to imagine.

In such an imaginative space, where to start is particularly important. Wu Bo, founder of Lashou.com, an NFT investor and collector, pointed out at the meeting that “the metaverse should be bottom-up growth.” This embodies the basic logic of Metaverse development, which is also adopted by most of the people. Meanwhile, Roger Wu has given a specific answer, namely distributed encrypted storage technology. He believed that the authentic law, pricing and flow of data assets are the core of Metaverse, which is based on the combination of distributed storage technology and blockchain.

Data security takes precedence over technology. In the world of the metaverse, data security is the driving force, so it seems that combining laws and technology is a viable way to bridge the data security gap between the real and the virtual world. Environmental attorney Ben Barlett said: “In the Metaverse, data security becomes very important to us. This must be guaranteed by laws and regulations, and only decentralized data storage is the only way to reduce responsibility. “

The more open and transparent data environment in the Metaverse has also triggered some innovative approaches such as the integration of the ESG concept and Metaverse. We can include ESG in the infrastructure investment phase of metaverse; create a self-balancing system by combining blockchain and ESG indicators; embed the “people-oriented” business concept in the future metaverse, etc.

The metaverse is still being defined and how it is defined is largely up to us. As discussed by the guests, the development of the metaverse will be a process in which different organizations and different sectors work together to promote peaceful development. The advancement of science and technology inevitably optimizes resources, which is also of positive importance for companies in order to practice ESG standards. In this regard, it is worth waiting for the arrival of this digital civilization.

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