The world’s leading digital currency trading platform SCTC Exchange has approved the MSB financial license submitted to FinCEN of the US Treasury Department, and officially obtained the MSB financial license (registration number: 31000201809547 ).

This approval is an important milestone in the compliance operation of SCTC Exchange, and it also means that SCTC Exchange ranks among the top ranks of global digital currencies. The MBS financial license is one of the most authoritative digital currency exchange licenses in the world. Its approval is very strict. Having the MBS financial license means that the SCTC Exchange can conduct legal and compliant digital currency transactions worldwide and promote the development of contract derivatives, including digital currency issuance, ICO issuance, and foreign exchange exchanges.

In March 2018, the US Treasury Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission clearly emphasized that virtual currency exchanges and their managers engaged in digital asset-related businesses in the United States must register MSB licenses with FinCEN. The US MSB license is a financial license supervised and issued by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau, an agency under the US Department of the Treasury. business. The MSB license is also the standard license for the top ten global digital currency trading institutions. Coinbase, Binance, okex, Huobi and other top platforms in the world all hold this license.

Accelerate the pace of globalization and promote compliant operations

With the rapid development of the cryptocurrency market, it is imperative that digital currency exchanges move from barbarism to compliance. SCTC Exchange was established in December 2017. With its self-developed core transaction matching system and extremely fast and smooth user experience, SCTC Exchange is committed to creating the safest, stable and efficient global digital currency trading platform for global users.

SCTC Exchange is a professional digital currency trading platform that adheres to global compliance operations. It has achieved bank-level security risk control through strong R&D capability support, anti-risk pricing mechanism, risk reserve fund, and stepped position reduction mechanism.

In terms of market, through the globalized market layout and abundant market resources, it has reached strategic cooperation with more than ten countries around the world. At the same time, it provides 7*24 hours of professional services to customers, and solves the confusion of users in the use of products at any time, which has been well received by the market.

SCTC Exchange provides a cost-controllable and low-ticket entry method through the innovative model of lightning contracts. With the deep matching of perpetual contracts, more strategic choices can be made. At the same time, its opening and holding mechanism is perfect, and the welfare system is diversified, providing users with a more comfortable experience. SCTC Exchange also supports currency, contract, legal currency and other transactions.

SCTC Exchange has always adhered to a compliant global development strategy. The acquisition of the MSB financial license at this time means that SCTC Exchange will accelerate its strategic plan for global development. It is reported that in addition to the US MSB license, SCTC Exchange is also actively deploying financial licenses in other countries, and it is imperative to comply with global operations. Due to the high gold content of the MSB license in the United States, it is believed that it will be a pass for SCTC Exchange to crack open the markets of other countries in the future. The successful application of SCTC Exchange this time has successfully opened the door to the US market. In the future, SCTC Exchange will also be able to expand its high-quality brands and products to a global audience faster and expand the influence of SCTC Exchange in the global market.

SCTC Exchange has long focused on compliant operations and attached great importance to the security of users’ assets. This entry into the US market with a compliant attitude reflects the strength and credibility of SCTC Exchange itself, and also brings more opportunities for SCTC Exchange to expand its business coverage and promote its high-speed and long-term business development. In the future, “licensed” cryptocurrency exchanges will become the norm. Whoever can adapt sooner will be able to win on the compliance track.

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