Ryan Selkis is an entrepreneur, industrialist, and angel investor. He founded Messari, a crypto asset database, and ConsenSys, a blockchain company. He participated in the creation of the blockchain startup incubator Digital Currency Group and Bitcoin media CoinDesk.

Recently, at the Silicon Valley Prospective Application Summit co-hosted by HashMatrix Exchange, as a senior industry expert, Ryan Selkis made three forward-looking points in today’s complex international situation and the moment when the application of blockchain technology is gradually entering the stage of experimentation and popularization. prophecy:

1. The application of NFT digital assets is only the primary form of blockchain technology application. In 2023, the large-scale application of blockchain technology in real production flow fields will be the first year of blockchain application development.

2. With the concept of WEB3.0 and the entry of assets of many global benchmarking technology companies, blockchain technology will rapidly transform from basic functions such as digital currency and distributed accounting to an innovative model transformation, which does not rule out innovation in modern times. Smart scenarios for work, production and lifestyle to replace existing models within five years

3. As the most basic form of implementation of blockchain technology, digital currency will gradually slow down in value growth in 2022 with benchmark currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the output will gradually decrease. , The value of the new currency supported by technology will achieve a blowout, and the growth rate of the value of the new currency is expected to be close to 50 to 100 times in 2022.

With the global “value discovery” of mainstream projects of encrypted assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and the strong rise of encrypted financial hotspots such as DeFi, blockchain and encrypted finance are gradually becoming more and more familiar to more and more people, setting off Strong investment enthusiasm.

Hash Matrix Exchange, referred to as HSME, is built by the HSME Crypto Investment Foundation under Du Pont Financial Group and the world’s top capital and technical teams. It is a global professional digital currency trading platform.

HSME aims to create a web3.0-based encrypted digital currency exchange ecosystem, providing hundreds of digital asset transactions and related services. As a WEB3.0 protocol and application system based on blockchain technology, it will create a global centralized one-stop digital asset trading service public chain ecology.

HSME is also built by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce led by HSME Encryption Investment Foundation, Digital currency group (DCG), Blockchain capital and other investment institutions. Its business is globally distributed and operates in compliance with global regulations. With many investments from traditional financial markets, HSME quickly expansion, at that time HSME, has become one of the most influential token trading platforms in the world.

The members of the HSME development team all come to the world’s top scientific research institutions and blockchain technology development teams. While focusing on improving user experience, they constantly upgrade platform technology and improve the ecosystem, relying on value and relying on scientific and efficient management and operation methods. Accumulation Distributed ecological resources and energy and export this energy to the entire industry, and finally feed the entire ecology through the empowered application, and finally form a development trend of cyclic empowerment and continuous growth.

The vision of HSME is to provide a fair, transparent, compliant, credible, and fully circulating value discovery platform for high-quality blockchain digital assets around the world, and to provide global digital asset enthusiasts with a safe, stable, caring, and trustworthy trading platform. A world-class blockchain digital asset integration ecosystem without national borders and racial barriers. At the same time, we will continue to explore ecological applications to create a new generation of digital asset trading business map.

The mission of HSME is to give full play to its technical advantages and operational strength, and to provide a fair, open and free working environment and competition arena for the global blockchain industry by providing a trading platform that fully integrates blockchain digital assets, and to promote the development of blockchain technology. Rapid development, let digital assets link value, let blockchain technology integrate into life.

The future has come, and the new digital asset trading platform HSME has been born and will be opened to the world. As a rookie in the field of digital currency trading, HSME is driving industry changes and digital asset trading with professional underlying technology and innovative trading models. It is safer, more convenient and more efficient, which will accelerate the arrival of the value Internet era.

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