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ShibArmy was developed by the Shib team to create a decentralized online virtual reality game platform that integrates characters, props and life stories into a virtual social world where players can purchase weapons, armor, props and gems. ShibArmy is a Metaverse and NFT project, and all of the benefits of ShibArmy are showcased in the form of ShibArmy, a native in-game token.

ShibArmy game ecology combines strategy, collection and development, as well as other gameplay with strong gameplay. It is also the main body of the NFT meta-universe ecology at its current stage. ShibArmy uses the game as a distraction to generate traffic for ShibArmy in the early stages, give the token real circulation value, open the transaction channel between users and the platform, provide broader traffic support for ShibArmy Ecology 2.0 and so on Build consensus base for the Shib Army.

With the technical support of Binance Smart Chain, the ShibArmy blockchain virtual game system has the characteristics of decentralization, transparency and passport incentive. ShibArmy has quickly rallied a large group of top international blockchain talents aiming to use the Gamefi industry as an opportunity to create a limitless entertainment world and create an unparalleled entertainment experience for global users.

NFT, non-homogenized tokens. These are unique, non-divisible tokens, such as B. tokenized game props, tickets, works of art, etc. NFT is based on the ERC721 standard and later the ERC1155 protocol, which means that each ID is not a single asset, but a class of assets, so that multiple tokens can be created at the same time. In general, a non-homogenized token is a unique digital asset. Assets like bitcoins are fungible, which means that all bitcoins are identical and interchangeable.

Currently, it is clearly evident that the main uses for NFT include games, art, domain names, collectibles, virtual assets, and real asset pass-through (STO), with particular attention being paid to art and gaming in the market.

In the internet world created by the Metaverse, humans are both participants and creators. The virtual game experience people are having today is incomparable to the unprecedented excitement and great explosiveness that the Metaverse brought with it at the time. With the continuous development of VR and AR technologies and the support of blockchain technology for transactions, this blockchain-based decentralized platform is expected to evolve from a specific gaming crowd to a larger audience in the future. In the crowd, the line between reality and gaming will be blurring, and virtual will get closer to reality.

With current technology, the most likely way of realizing the Metaverse concept is through games. ShibArmy uses existing technology and the metaverse community concept of the Virtual Life blockchain game to create its own metaverse model. ShibArmy uses the existing technology and concept of the metaverse community for virtual life in blockchain games to build its own metaverse model.

The Metaverse game ecosystem creates game worlds that allow players to use certain blockchain assets in any game in the game multiverse, a virtual world that really belongs to the user who has full control over the content environment and the applications they create , from any static 3D scene to more interactive applications or games.

At the same time, ShibArmy’s Metaverse gaming ecosystem is dedicated to building a deeply immersive virtual world where gamers can co-create virtual worlds and games without the need for centralized authority management, disrupting existing game makers and allowing gamers to play Build, own and monetize gaming experiences on the blockchain with the platform’s utility token, ShibArmy.

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