Background to the story of Meta-Universe Masters

Yuanzhu is an intelligent chain based on Coin Security (BSC). Players can summon knights to complete daily mining tasks, increase character levels, defeat monsters of the dark forces, and loot rare items for profit. Knights live on the Yuan planet, and the most abundant resource on the planet is encoded minerals. These minerals are an important cornerstone in building a country and something that knights are trying to protect. People on the Yuan planet are one of them Live in happiness and joy until one day ……
The monsters of the dark forces explored the encrypted ore on the Yuan planet. They spread out to steal the Yuan planet’s resources. It is time for the knights to take up their arms and fight back against foreign troops. No matter what your job, come and protect our meta-planet!

Meta Universe Masters game background
Tens of millions of years ago, a group of highly intelligent creatures and the dark forces waged a star war. To protect the galaxy from destruction, highly intelligent creatures led their people to a planet hundreds of thousands of light years away and lived here. That mysterious planet is – Yuan. These highly intelligent creatures are the Yuan Masters. The Yuan Masters work hard and live and work in peace and contentment among this planet. But suddenly one day the dark forces found the Yuan Master Gate to exist. The big train station threatened to explode. The knights took the weapons in our hands and began to fight

Meta Universe Master is an on-chain game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can summon knights, do daily mining tasks, improve their character level and defeat dark monsters, loot rare items for benefits.

How to play: Players can draw blind boxes to get various NFT characters

Use it for adventure and battle monsters for rich ORE rewards, and the Meta Universe Master will soon be available for sale on the official website. At the same time, the meta tokens are snapped. At this point, players can snap up the highest SSR blind box on the official website

Meta token: an important medium for upgrading game characters

Players can purchase Meta at Pancakeswap to level up and develop their characters, gain stronger combat capabilities, and win generous ore rewards

Ore tokens: Players can receive ore rewards for completing daily tasks in PvP battles

Ore can be traded on pancakes swap

Official Website:

Twitter :

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