The blockchain industry is always evolving with innovation, and in November 2021, the crypto market reached a market high of $3 trillion. Total market capitalization is hovering below $1 trillion as of this month. A market crash is of course to be expected. Around the same time four years ago, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was under $200 billion.

The price action is really wild, but regardless of the current price, now is the best time to not look at the charts and ask deeper questions. DeFi and Web 3.0 have enormous potential to change civilization in a positive way, with values ​​​​rooted in the cypherpunk movement and Bitcoin. However, most people are busy looking at the numbers and graphs on the screen, and when prices drop, they do, more and more people get scammed (there is a correlation between market desperation and the number of scams), governments around the world start paying attention.

It seems to me that the equation looks like this:

Cryptocurrencies don’t add much value + price drops and scams = government regulation

Government regulation + lack of decentralization = traditional finance

Traditional finance = capitalism

Capitalism = wealthy minorities, negative climate impacts and global inequality

2022 will be marked by macroeconomic uncertainty and a global sell-off in assets, with implications for tech, cryptocurrencies and other markets. Bitcoin and Ethereum fell 49% and 58%, respectively, with other crypto-assets being more severely affected. The sell-off exposed the unhealthy leverage of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, triggering troubled and bankrupt chains. Crypto headlines and sentiment have turned noticeably negative, and while reminiscent of the bear markets of 2018 and 2015, these events are now playing out alongside cryptocurrencies on a larger stage. Despite the market shock, our long-term belief in cryptocurrencies as a technology and asset class remains strong. The quality of talent entering cryptocurrencies has never been stronger. Meanwhile, the “tourist” investor class has left. We believe that the next 12-24 months will be a very productive period for building and investing in cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is rebuilding money, financial systems and internet applications based on new technological and economic foundations, an ambitious process that is bound to be chaotic. Every failure is an opportunity to learn, and we are optimistic that the cryptocurrency ecosystem will become more rational and resilient.

One day in the currency circle, one year in the world. For novice digital currency investors, Experience Gold is a very friendly sector. Recently, Belem has launched a 300USDT trial gold event. This is a gift package that Belem sends to new users, which can be received after completing the real-name registration.

For novice users, Belem may not be familiar with the exchange, but for veterans in the currency circle, Belem is already a dark horse that is rushing forward. In the dark atmosphere of the currency circle, exchanges have launched new models to improve liquidity. As a rising star, Belem has activated the market with an average of at least five times the high rate of return per period of gold listing projects. In addition, Belem also has professional analysts to follow the investment to escort Xiaobai users. There are still many profit opportunities on the Belem platform, and those old players are already very familiar with how to get more profits in the exchange.

Let’s talk about the rules of experience gold:

(1) The bonus can only be used for currency trading, and the profit can be withdrawn. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn and will be automatically recovered after expiration.

(2) Bonuses can be traded as assets, and can also be used to offset transaction fees, losses, and capital costs.

(3) Before the bonus is used up, any operation of transferring assets out of the account will cause the bonus to be cleared.

(4) The bonus can be used twice, and the trial bonus will be automatically recovered after the second use!

(5) The maximum profit from the bonus can be 3USDT!

How to View Bonuses

(1) Bonus balance: The bonus will be issued to your account, open the APP, click “Assets” – you can view the balance.

(2) Details of use: You can log in to the official website, and open it in “Transaction” – “Experience Gold” to use it.

(3) View details: View in “My Assets” – “Fund Details”, where the green positive number represents the profit obtained, and the red negative number represents the consumption amount.

The operation method is very simple, one-click fool-like operation, very friendly to beginners!

In the tide of asset digitization in the future, cryptocurrency will play the role of the basic tool for asset digitization. Exchange is an indispensable part of this system and a super node in the distributed link.

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