With the rapid development of global finance, digital asset trading is entering the public’s vision with a unique attitude, and today, blockchain technology has been well known to the world, and its application in various industries has become more and more extensive, and its value has become more and more recognized by people. When the advancement of digital assets sounded the clarion call of the times, financial investment and monetary attributes also broke away from traditional definitions.

As a revolutionary technology, blockchain is promoting the digital transformation of the global traditional financial market as an enlightener. In the foreseeable future, the digital currency secondary market will have huge room for growth, and it will complement high-quality exchanges. Therefore, with the vigorous development of blockchain technology today, it is necessary for us to let everyone know about a professional, safe, stable and reliable digital asset derivatives exchange.

A fast-growing exchange

Belem Exchange was born in 2017, is a leading global financial derivatives service platform, providing many users around the world with safe and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services, Belem Adhering to the core values ​​of security as the cornerstone, innovation as the core , integrity as the soul, and users as wealth, we adhere to the selection of high-quality crypto assets for investors, create a new model of technology finance for users, lead the new trend of industry products, and inclusive technology finance. It is committed to providing ordinary users, professional traders and investment institutions with the ultimate smooth digital currency financial derivatives trading platform.

Since Belem was launched, it has served 120 countries around the world and has been favored by 8 million users around the world, making it one of the fastest growing exchanges in the world.

The friendliest exchange

The reason why Belem Exchange is favored and developed rapidly by many users is not only because of its friendly attitude, but also because in terms of product functions, Belem Exchange has made a lot of innovations, providing users with a variety of innovative products such as bonus models, rebate rewards and community copying. In terms of user experience, Belem has always wanted users to feel silky smooth operation. Newbie friendliness has always been Belem’s tenet, Belem interface features are simple and clear, without the many requirements of cumbersome traditional products.

In addition to novice users, large and professional users can also feel Belem’s full sincerity, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the exchange, become one of the top exchanges in the world, and answered Thanks to the support of Belem users and the construction of the market, the commission reward mechanism has been introduced. Investors can get commission rewards from the exchange by inviting new users to participate in the rebate program, and get up to 60% high rebates! Let’s take a look at Belem “Partner” commission rebates and how to get more money.

Belem’s rebate campaign rules

Threshold for becoming a partner: Belem users use their own exclusive invitation link to invite new users to register, and a single deposit of ≥ 50USDT, the inviter can become a partner of the Belem platform and will be rewarded with the invitee’s transaction fee commission. The inviter can get up to 60% commission rebate on the invitee, and the reward lasts three levels!

Partner commission income rules:

30% transaction fee for inviting Tier 1 new users;

20% transaction fee for inviting second-level new users;

Invite Level 3 new users with a 10% transaction fee;

For example, if A invites B, B generates a commission of 100 USDT , A can receive a commission of 30 USDT . B invites C, C to generate a commission of 100 USDT , and A can get 20 USDT commissions for handling fees. C invites D, D to incur a commission of 100 USDT , and A can get 10 USDT commissions for handling fees.

Simply put, the more people A invites B, the higher the handling fee generated, and the more commission income A gets, in the same way, B invites C or C invites D The higher the number of people, the higher the commission incurred, and the more commission income A gets.

We all know that the main source of income for most exchanges is fees, and unlike Belem, it is open to everyone, everyone can become a partner of the exchange and earn fee income together, which is a good source of income for many cryptocurrency players . This is the great thing about the Belem platform, showing the big picture of platform development.

The image above shows the commission income received by one of Belem’s players, which has reached $135,480.4. As far as I know, the Belem Partner Program has only been online for three months, and for many people it is still an organic club to enter, as long as the more people invite, the higher the commission.

Grow with Belem

For partners, the current partner recruitment program, the rewards that can be obtained, from the perspective of investors, I think it is very rich. In the long-term agency rights, you can get up to 30% of the handling fee return of the first level + 20% handling fee return of the second level + the third level 10% commission back, up to 60% commission back, stand a chance to win millions in commission!


With the vigorous development of the digital currency field, more and more people understand and trade digital currency, mainstream social groups and professional funds have gradually begun to enter this field, and it can now be said that the digital currency field is no longer a “ carnival” for a few people, no longer a “niche” industry.

So in this period, various exchanges have begun to show their skills, for users, choosing a professional, safe and stable exchange is the top priority, Belem’s many features and incentive plans are fully in line with all the user’s fantasies about high-quality exchanges , we can grow with it and use blockchain technology to build a better financial world.

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