The Demo Weekly Trading Contest 2023 is coming! To enter the WikiTrade Contest you must be a registered user. Users with the same phone number, phone extension, or other identifiable circumstance are considered the same user.

The competition is divided into weekly and monthly seasons. Each natural week is a weekly season starting at 00:00 (Singapore time) on Sunday and the monthly ranking is based on the natural month Singapore time.

In order to participate, users must open a demo trading account with 100,000 demo funds and conduct demo trading according to the rules described in the WikiTrade Service Instructions. Users holding a position during the week are automatically included in the weekly ranking. All transactions in this activity are simulated and do not involve real currency.

Weekly premiums are based on the return for that week. Users who end the week with a positive return are eligible to share the weekly prize. The size of the prize is based on the user’s ranking, with first place receiving 200 USDT, second place receiving 100 USDT and third place receiving 50 USDT. Rewards will be distributed within 72 hours and users can check their prize amount through the [My]-[ForexPay] Section. If no user has a positive return that week, no prize will be awarded.

Users may only reset their account once during the Contest Period, and those engaging in malicious hedging, high-frequency trading, spreads, time-delayed arbitrage, bricklaying, scalping, or any other illegal trading activity will be banned from participation.

The ranking is based on the return on each account. In the event of a tie, the historical cumulative return and participation time will be taken into account.

Participants must avoid engaging in any illegal or fraudulent activity, including gambling, identity theft, or soliciting others to buy and sell. WikiTrade reserves the right to cancel entry and eligibility for prizes if violations are found.

The rules of the competition may be subject to changes or adjustments based on the actual circumstances of the competition. WikiTrade has the final right to interpret the Contest and all matters related thereto.

This activity is demo trading and participants bear no loss of money. Trade rankings are for display purposes only and WikiTrade does not guarantee traders’ trading eligibility.

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