The history of cross-border e-commerce can be traced back to almost 30 years. From the founding of Amazon, which started the cross-border e-commerce industry, to the founding of Alibaba in China, which started the cross-border B2B e-commerce business, to the explosive growth of the global e-commerce industry in 2020. Cross-border e-commerce already has a trillion market.

However, in recent years, the development of cross-border e-commerce has been mainly focused on the United States, Europe and China. In today’s globalization, cross-border e-commerce has become an important link to promote the market economy. Both import and export trade are essential for any country. In this context, Qpdao has been appointed as the leading global fintech company in Singapore at the crucial moment to lead the development of the e-commerce industry in Singapore and even Southeast Asia.

Qpdao Company is a subsidiary of Qupital, a well-known financial technology company in Hong Kong. Qpdao Company won first place in the process of raising capital to promote Singapore government’s economic and financial globalization policies and was quickly established in Singapore. Relying on the strong strength of Qupital Company behind, Qpdao Company has become a famous financial services company in Singapore.

Qpdao aims to provide convenient and fast trade finance services for the world’s outstanding small and medium-sized e-commerce trading companies. The first batch, centered in Singapore, radiated the entire Southeast Asia region and even the world. In order to build an innovative financial company, Qpdao is committed to serving high-quality enterprises, and the goal is to promote the development of the global e-commerce industry. The design is very ambitious. At the beginning of the development of the company, it needs a variety of financial talents and market management talents. At the same time, the long-term development of a company inevitably requires a number of self-maintained entrepreneurial cornerstones.

Qpdao Company officially launched the external partner recruitment plan, which has an efficient promotion mechanism, rich market rewards to promote the development of regional markets, and build excellent teams. As a partner of Qpdao, I will receive the dividends of the entire market. In the meantime, as a first-round leadership talent, I will have a great deal of autonomy and speaking rights in the company. Qpdao Company aims to cultivate business leaders to create a group of advanced and sophisticated financial service talents to create a business framework for common development.

As a partner of Qpdao Company, it must be present in cities all over the world in the future. The direction of development and management region of each will be based on the construction of the enterprise. Excellent partners will certainly have excellent treatment and market distribution. For details, please contact Qpdao official customer service.

If you have dreams and ambitions, if you want to be on top of the world, you might as well join the Qpdao. Qpdao communicates with e-commerce companies around the world, takes cross-border e-commerce as a starting point for investment, supports entrepreneurs one by one, and soaps the seeds of capital around the world, which will grow into towering trees in the future. Any member who feeds Qpdao and helps Qpdao grow will have an unparalleled harvest in the future.

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