Metaverse is an artificial space parallel to the real world. Technically, the metasexes are supported by many independent tools, platforms, infrastructures and protocols, as they place higher demands on the immersion, commitment and sustainability of the traditional Internet. As AR, VR, 5G, cloud computing, and other technologies mature, the meta-universe is expected to gradually move from concept to reality.

NASA combined Starlink technology with metatarian interstellar games to take advantage of the infinite variety of virtual worlds and keep the game interesting. NASA will make full use of smartphone cameras, gyroscopes, clocks and GPS for location-based augmented reality games

The GalacticNasa NFT player has opened a blind box for Gold Warships, Platinum Warships, Brick Warships, and King Warships, each with different statistics and functions

GalacticNasa is an AR / VR battleship game where players wage war to compete for NASA token rewards, team up with invading NPCs to obtain equipment to upgrade battleships, and put idle battleships in storage tanks to promise the Steal NASA


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