“(Spiritual Technology) can greatly expand the human brain’s perception and enable people to step into an unprecedented new world and a new historical era begins!”

“Spirit technology is another technological revolution after the computer technology revolution. It will cause a number of changes that will shock the world, and it has to be a major event in human history. “

—— Qian Xuesen

Thirty years ago, Mr. Qian Xuesen named today’s “VR” after the “spiritual realm” of “Chinese taste”.

30 years ago, Mr. Qian Xuesen’s “Magic Wisdom” predicted today’s “meta-universe”.

On December 11th, 2021, the 110th birthday of Mr. Qian Xuesen, we are of the opinion that the chief designer and chief architect of the “real meta-universe idea” should be respected as the “father of the meta-universe”. The “Citizen Yuan Universe No. 1 “calls on everyone to show him great respect!

An important summary of Qian Xuesen’s “Spirit Realm” and “Magic Wisdom” (picture and text)

1. On November 27, 1990, Qian Lao suggested that VR be translated into “Ling Jing.” “Ling Jing” contains a variety of human-computer interaction technologies that greatly enhance people’s creativity and are more “Chinese”.

2. On August 27, 1992, Qian Xuesen wrote to Wang Shouyun that he had proposed the concept of “Dacheng Wisdom Engineering” for the first time. The English name is “Meta synthetic engineering”, where “Meta” corresponds to “big” (you can see that it is not a general “big”). “Synthetic” means “composite” and “Dacheng” means “meta-synthetic”. On October 10th, Qian Lao wrote to Qian Xuemin: “The Dacheng Wisdom Project” aims to use the ideas of modern science and technology systems to synthesize the wisdom of billions of human minds at home and abroad. On the 19th, Mr. Qian sent a letter to Dai Ruwei, “Our career is great. We want to organize the heads of hundreds of billions of people at home and abroad into a large system of thought, a complex super-giant system. Can you call it “great wisdom”? “Project”? “On November 8th, Mr. Qian wrote to Qian Xuemin, pointing out,” The social manifestation of wisdom is the ideological character of people, “” Wisdom is the connotation of the Dacheng Wisdom Project, “and the Dacheng Wisdom Project is expanding, including the wisdom generated by the practical experience of cultural enterprises. It is necessary to “expand the science and technology system to the wisdom system. On November 13th, Qian Lao introduced” Talks on Dacheng Wisdom “for the first time the concept of “Dacheng Wisdom.” The refinement of the theory of the “Wisdom Project” is “the development of Marxist philosophy to a new level.” “······ It must be both“ sexual intelligence ”in literature and art as well Giving “quantity intelligence” in science and technology, is the study of Dacheng wisdom. “

3. On July 3, 1993, the letter from Qian Lao to Wang who became a comrade stated: The technology and multimedia of the “spirit realm” can greatly expand the perception of the human brain and enable people to enter an unprecedented new world and one new historical era enable it is about to begin! We should be happy!

On October 10, 1994, in his letter to Comrade Dai Ruwei and Comrade Wang Cheng and Comrade Qian Xuemin, Mr. Qian mentioned, “I recently wrote from Comrade Wang Cheng,” The spiritual realm is a harmonious person who persecutes people. ” Computer Environment, a Brand New Cyberspace “is very inspiring. I also read “High-Tech Communications,” 1994 Volume 9, pages 39-43, “Virtual Reality Technology,” written by Comrade Zeng Jianchao and Shi Dingji of the Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University And Systems. “Comrade Qian Xuemin mentioned in her articles many times the relationship between the technology of the spiritual realm and Dacheng wisdom. This led to my idea: Spiritual realm technology is another technological revolution after the computer technology revolution. It will trigger a number of changes that will shock the world and it has to be a major event in human history. “In this letter, Mr. Qian also has a hand-drawn appendix.

5. On October 23, 1995, Qian Lao enthusiastically expressed his hope in his letter to Dai Ruwei and Qian Xuemin: “The future of artificial intelligence is a combination of man and machine

. “Engineering! … As soon as we enter such a world of artificial intelligence, humans will also change, and there will be a” new human being “, not just humans, but a” new human being “who connects human and machine!”

6. On March 1, 1996, Qian Lao pointed out in his letter to Wang Cheng: “This combination of the system of the spiritual realm is an amalgamation that people idolize and become a ‘Superman’! ‘Superman’ feelings can be as big as the universe, as small as the mic, and become a “fairy”! This is really a great revolution in human history, just as humans have language and script! This will be the second half of the 21st century. “

7. On June 18, 1998, Qian Lao wrote to the National Scientific and Technological Term Review Committee about naming virtual reality, suggesting that the use of the “spiritual realm” is pragmatic. He said that virtual reality refers to the use of scientific and technological means to provide visual, auditory, tactile, and even olfactory information to the recipient so that the recipient feels personal. That sense of presence is not actually being there, it is feeling. “Spiritual kingdom” is better than “immediate kingdom” because that kingdom is imaginary, not real, so using “spirit kingdom” means seeking truth from facts.

In 1992 a concept “Metaverse” was proposed in the science fiction novel “Avalanche”, almost thirty years later in Chinese after “Metaverse”.

Author Stephenson said, “Avalanche” has been published for 30 years and many people can find various inspirations from it. The Metaverse technology that Meta is developing is not based on my IP, but on a brand new concept. So there is no cooperative relationship between us and Zuckerberg and I never communicated.

In November 2021, Facebook introduced a new company name, “Meta”, to turn it into a “Meta Universe” company.

On the 11th and 11th 2021, China’s first Metaspace Industry Organization, China Mobile Communications Federation, Metaspace Industry Committee was presented. Experts discussed Qian Xuesen’s thoughts on “the spiritual realm” and “metacosmic wisdom”.

In November 2021, CITIC “Meta Universe” published that “the essential characteristics of Meta Universe are five main integrations”, namely “the integration of digital economy and real economy, the integration of the digital world and the physical world, the integration of digital assets”. and physical assets, as well as the integration of digital assets and physical assets. The merging of identity and real identity, the merging of digital life and social life ”only confirms that the essence of the“ meta-universe ”is the“ meta-synthesis ”between the“ world of numbers ”and the“ world of things ”.

In November 2021, the Metaverse Development Report by the New Media Research Center of the School of Journalism at Tsinghua University suggests that Metaverse is a new type of internet application and social form that integrates several new technologies. It offers immersive forms based on Extended Reality technology. Experience, based on digital twin technology, to generate a mirror image of the real world, to build an economic system based on blockchain technology, to integrate the virtual world and the real world closely into the economic system, social system and identity system and to allow each user, to produce content and edit the world.

The various connotations of “Meta Universe” do not go beyond the concept of “Magic Wisdom”. The current “meta-universe” is an experiment and an implementation of Qian Laos structure of “information space becomes wisdom”! Qian Lao provides a strong ideological background for “Meta Universe” and “Meta Synthetic”, which has the meaning of “Dacheng”, serves as the core that supports the development of “Meta Universe”.

On December 11th, 2021, the 110th birthday of Mr. Qian Xuesen, we believe that the chief designer and chief architect of the “real meta-universe thought” should be respected as the “father of the meta-universe” and we call on everyone, him to show his respect. Respect!

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