Cryptocurrency exchanges are battlegrounds in the currency circle. As the top ecosystem in the industry, exchanges have almost absolute right to speak to resources, funds, traffic, and rules. In the past 1-2 years. Although the trading market is almost falling hard, there are still countless new players rushing to join every day, all of which are targeting the popularization and commercial application of WEB 3.0. In the blockchain industry chain, new unicorns will inevitably appear in the market to subvert the current situation in the currency circle.

As a representative of new forces in the cryptocurrency trading track, TigerEX is positioned as a cryptocurrency derivative trading platform. The core production is self-developed “FastFutures”. Through the analysis of big data, the futures copy trading can effectively improve the profit rate of traders. The simple operation interface and the community interactions is friendly to novice investors so that novices do not need to learn complicated technical analysis, just “one-click copy” to get started easily.

Different from the advertising channels of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, TigerEX focuses more on the operation of offline communities, and has professional teams in Southeast Asian countries to provide real-time services. After the system was launched, it had attracted a large number of users to register in a short time. A senior VC commented: TigerEX will be the most promising cryptocurrency exchange to become a unicorn within 3 years.

1TigerEX starts from the essence of trading to create a super car “bend”

TigerEX has an extremely accurate and unique understanding of the essence of exchanges. TigerEX believes that the essence of exchanges is to integrate decentralized finance (DeFi) tools. Centralized financial institutions compete and acquire a larger user base, not just in the cryptocurrency industry.

TigerEX targets people in developing countries who still lack perfect financial management tools. Through the popularity of the Internet and blockchain technology, these potential users can get in touch with Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and successfully get on the fortune train. In the past, the voices of this group were often ignored and their needs were not understood. TigerEX takes the user experience as the starting point, provides them with really useful financial services and products, and helps them quickly build their own community. Therefore, in the downturn of the cryptocurrency trading track market, TigerEX was able to quickly become popular.

Unique market insight and clear positioning have enabled TigerEX to rise smoothly, and TigerEX is currently in a leading position in the new track of ” FastFutures”.

2Capture a large group of novices with simple and easy-to-use product design thinking.

The perfect fit of strategy and tactics can realize a great business revolution. For TigerEX, unique insights and positioning are breakthroughs at the strategic level, and implementation is a tactical execution that is related to success or failure. TigerEX believes that the ultimate mission of the exchange is to satisfy more people and obtain the dividends of decentralized finance (DeFi).

TigerEX wants to build a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform dedicated to trading beginners. In product planning, spot, futures, NFT, WEB3.0, mining pools and related derivatives will be presented to users one after another.

TigerEX, with a low threshold and low cost, which makes it easier for beginners to get started, realize accurate services for global cryptocurrency traders, and truly realizes the platform vision that everyone can participate and everyone can make profit. Pay attention to the marketability, uniqueness and future of the product itself, respect the value requirements of users and give value contribution to each participant, create an exclusive TigerEX community culture, quickly build the economic cycle of the exchange, and successfully make TigerEX exhibition emergence and cause market agitation.

3. Leverage the half-window of global finance, and provide financial services to millions of families.

The focus of TigerEX is to replace traditional financial institutions and cover the market ignored by cryptocurrency exchanges, providing user value that traditional financial institutions cannot meet. TigerEX exchange makes financial management easier. Based on years of in-depth understanding of the Southeast Asian market, TigerEX has gradually established its own super channel, community and brand advantages. TigerEX enables every family to obtain better financial services and value-added benefits, and truly brings WEB3.0 wealth management services to thousands of households.

From its original intention to its implementation, TigerEX has always focused on consumers, providing a variety of financial and wealth management products, so that every family can enjoy a better quality of life. TigerEX took the lead in rising from the sluggish trading market, achieving a strategic “curve” overtaking and overtaking in an all-round way.

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