statter Network is the first metaverse public chain platform that combines security, equity and efficiency. It has been evolving and updating for a long time, and the official often hints that the final version is almost ready to be launched. Recently,statter Network finally announced its first wallet app -STATTER wallet. This step is interpreted as final preparation before launching its public chain.

The release of Statter Wallet lays an important foundation for the launch of the mainnet. The wallet is defined as a one-stop service platform and portal to the Metaverse ecology. From these two points, we can see its multiple characteristics and its strategic importance forstatter.

There are many decentralized public blockchain wallets. Aside from the official tags, what are the unique features of Statter Wallet and what makes it different from other competitors?

Reliability. From a wealth storage perspective, the Statter Wallet is actually a decentralized digital wallet. Technically, it uses advanced encryption algorithms to protect the confidentiality of private key or mnemonic code. The wallet node does not store the user’s keys, which are controlled by the creator. Prior to the wallet’s release, the technical team used a variety of offensive and defensive models to test its security. The results confirmed the absolute security of the wallet. The team also hired several external security verification institutes to review the app. The strict security controls inside and outside ensure the absolute reliability of the wallet.

Easy to use. The team carefully studied people’s preferences when using digital assets before designing the Statter wallet, so the wallet’s style is based on mainstream habits. With no learning costs, a new user can instantly create their own wallet. The wallet integrates real-time trading rates for major digital currencies and offers HFT users the ability to track prices. To facilitatestatter’s multi-address management, the wallet also supports batch export of addresses and private keys, as well as key packing and encryption. This is a new technology (built-in key encryption) developed by the R&D team.

Openness. In order to provide users with more comprehensive digital asset services,STATTER wallet supports not onlySTATTER-based assets and ecological applications, but also other mainstream public chains such as ETH, BSC and TRX. Statter Wallet can be used to store TRX stablecoins and access Opensea, the largest NFT market for Ethereum. In addition, it allows users to trade NFT. Thus, it is a truly multi-chain and multi-ecological wallet. The next version will build a cross-chain bridge. This allows wallet users to enjoy cross-asset services with just one click.

strategic importance. For Statter Network, the wallet is more than a service platform from a single source. It is also a traffic portal for the future Metaverse. To make it more miner-friendly, the wallet also provides an interface that caters to the needs of miners. The interface includes activating and binding mining rigs, staking, managing mining pools, and income management. In the future, the wallet will be integrated into the DID identity system and connected to the Metaverse applications bystatter. Upon entering the metaverse, all dwellers must first pass through the wallet portal, making it an overarching center of administration.

We should note that the newly released wallet is only a beta version for the public. Since the main Roster network has not yet started, relevant functions of the Statter network are not available. However, it does not affect its services to other public blockchains.

Holo Metaverse has invested over ten million dollars in thestatter Network. Thanks to this support, development has picked up speed and promoted ecological building. Statter Wallet is one of the achievements. With more intensive technical research, new mining features are being added rapidly. As the value of digital assets continues to rise, AI and the metaverse are once again hot topics. Thestatter Network also draws a lot of attention for its drag-and-drop technology, fair mining, cloud computing, and the metaverse’s best public chain. We believe that by the beginning of the year, Statter Network will be a shining star around the world.

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