It is part of the Virgin Islands’ Hollywood Capital Group and holds ‘inclusive finances that benefit all beings; The corporate philosophy of “sharing economy, thinking about benefits and people”, the “Hollywood 3.0 Warrior Warrant (WOR)” issued for markets outside the United States, is the world’s first digital and universal “corporate warrant”, organically integrating the decentralized characteristics of Blockchain with the attributes of universe virtual world, 3.0 movies, cultural NFT, ChatGPT, physical industry and capital market.

WOR Warrants are “negotiable, transferable, mortgaged and dividend-paying” enterprise value warrants based on consensus. Owning WOR means owning the equity of the group and enjoying the stock dividends of 35 companies under the Hollywood Capital Group name. Hollywood Capital Group promised to introduce guaranteed dividends in fiscal year 2023-2024. In other words, regardless of whether the Group’s total sales are a loss or its after-tax income is less than $15 million, the Group will allocate $15 million to the dividend warrants released.

I. Warranty Information

English: Warrior’s warrant


Contract address: 0xd6edbb 510af7901b2c049ce778b65a740c4aeb7f.

II. Directory of Legal Entities Supporting Warrants

American part:

1, the “meta-cosmic federation” of the United States (public welfare organizations)

2, the United States “Meta-Universe Federal University” (public welfare organizations)

3, USA, “Washington International Biomedical Research Institute” (non-profit organizations)

4, the United States “Hollywood 3.0 movies”.

5. American “Hollywood Biotechnology”

6, the “metacosmic finance” of the United States.

7, the United States “metacosmic headlines” (Chinese version)

8, the United States “meta-cosmic headlines” (English version)

9. American “Meta-Aerospace”

10. American “AAM Aircraft Maintenance and Assembly”

11, the United States “Double Harvest World” (OTC)

12, the “metacosmic era” of the United States.

13. American “Meta-Universe VR Experience Center” (in acquisition)

14. American “Hollywood Observation Deck” (planned)

15. American “Metauniverse ChatGPT”

Thailand part:

16. Thailand’s “Tiancao Luosha” (listed industrial company)

17, Thailand’s “Siam Legend” (listed company)

18. Thailand’s “Global Medical Alliance” (IPO soon)

19. Thailand’s “Time Rice Industry” (factory category)

20. Thailand’s “Time Wood Industry” (factory category)

21. Thailand’s “Youtai International” (works category)

22. Thailand’s “TCD Securities Investment”

23. Thailand’s “Younikang Shop”

China and Hong Kong:

24. Hong Kong “Time Partnership Fund”

25, Hong Kong “the world’s first grass partnership fund”

Australia part:

26. Australia’s “Meta Universe Group Holdings”

27. Australia’s “Meta-Universe Centralization Exchange”

28. Australia’s “Time Public Chain”

29. Australia’s Metauniverse Decentralized Exchange

30. Australia’s “Meta-Universe Digital Bank”

31, Australia’s “Metauniverse Browser”

32. Australian “Biological Health Care in Kang Hua”

Swiss part:

33, Switzerland “Metacosmic Age”

British Virgin Islands:

34. British Virgin “Chief Advisor of Manhattan”

China Hainan part:

35. Hainan “Huanghuali and Aquilaria sinensis Planting Base”

Third, the soft gold that backs the warrants

Cultural NFT:

A “trio” consisting of the founders of Hollywood Capital Group, Hollywood 3.0 Warrior Warrant and internationally renowned religious leaders will break the conventions of NFT versions 1.0 and 2.0 and spearhead the NFT3.0 era.

3.0 Movies:

The documentary The Leader of the Times-Global NFT TOP30, co-produced by Hollywood Capital Group, Metacosmic Headlines (Chinese version) and Metacosmic Headlines (English version) and America’s NFTY30 LLC, will be completed in June 2023 and released worldwide . The documentary interviewed 30 great coffees that have made outstanding achievements and contributions in the NFT space around the world. The founder of Hollywood Capital Group and founder of Hollywood 3.0 Warrior Warrant became Chairman and Executive Producer of the Board of Directors of NFTY30 LLC. Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award winner and Cannes Film Festival Chair Spike Lee served as Advisor and Executive Producer to the Board of Directors of NFTY30 LLC, and Barry Alexander Bowen, Chair of the Oscar Documentary Review Committee, served as Advisor and Executive Producer to the Board of Directors of NFTY30 LLC. The Leader of the Times-Global NFTTOP30 aims to be shortlisted for the Best Documentary Award in 2024. At the same time, the film “The Cycle of Heaven” is running, which is completely planned and invested by the American “Hollywood 3.0 Movie”. under the jurisdiction of the Hollywood Capital Group, was also formally placed on the agenda. Maybe “Hollywood movies.

The curtain of 3.0” was slowly opened.


The ChatGPT system that shocked the world and the world overnight instantly became the outlet for global investment and attention. To keep up with the times, the “World’s First ChatGPT Creative Competition” hosted by three wholly owned subsidiaries of Hollywood Capital Group – Metauniverse ChatGPT, Metauniverse Headline (Chinese version) and Metauniverse Headline (English version) – has entered the preparatory phase entered. Winners will receive an appropriate amount of Warrant (WOR).

Fourth, the security check of the arrest warrant system

The option contract has been double audited by CERTIK and ARMORS, the most credible institutions in the world, and the audit report can be found on the official website.

See Confessions of Hollywood 3.0 Warrior Warrant for more details at the time of its publication.

Official website:

Twitter: @WOR_TOKEN

Contract: 0xd6edbb 510af7901b2c049ce778b65a740c4aeb7f

Hollywood Capital Group of the British Virgin Islands

March 8, 2023

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