The UFI China Member Annual Conference 2021 will take place from December 28th to 30th in Haikou City, Hainan Province, known as the “Corner of the Chinese Conference”. The industry event with the highest requirements and the most member participation takes place. The annual meeting is jointly sponsored by the UFI China Club and the Haikou Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Global Chairman and General Manager of the Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Center Mei Li Yuxia, UFI CEO Kai Hattendort, UFI Honorary Chairman and Director of China Convention and Exhibition Industry Standardization Technical Committee Chen Xianjin, UFI Asia Pacific Region Chairman Zhong Gang, Hainan Provincial People’s An the conference was attended by the government, the Ministry of Commerce of Hainan Province, and senior leaders from Haikou, Sanya and other provinces and cities, as well as the heads of domestic and foreign brand exhibition institutions. Under the motto “Holding on to the future, dialogue with the future”, the trend in international exhibitions. Explore and assess the challenges at China’s exhibitions and propose solutions.

The topics of the annual meeting will be implemented in the hotspots of the international and national trade fair chain

At the moment, the demands for the development of congress and trade fair cities in various regions are still high. New forces like internet giants are pouring into the industry. Comprehensive global development trends and various new national challenges. How to continue to maintain the new growth of the industry and drive internationalization under the new situation has become an important part of this conference. Argument.

Chinese and foreign trade fair guests discuss the hot, difficult and profound topics of the trade fair industry chain such as “International exhibitions, Chinese trade fair companies under the new pattern” and discuss the “UFI Global Digital Awards-World Artificial Intelligence Conference”, etc. Share and conversation started.

Encourage members in the Asia Pacific region to strengthen collaboration and facilitate the internationalization of the Hainan Convention and Exhibition

With over 180 UFI members, China is the country with the most UFI members. The innovative regional service platform UCC, approved by UFI in 2018, was founded in Shanghai to improve the level of professionalism and internationalization of Chinese convention and exhibition cities and companies, and to promote relationships between UFI members in Greater China and between organizations related to the industrial chain . Exchange and cooperation.

In the three years since UCC was founded, international exchange conferences have been held in Russia, Tokyo and Bangkok to offer value-added services such as docking to help Chinese companies fully integrate with UFI.

At the end of 2021, when the global convention and exhibition industry recovers, the annual meeting of UFI China members will be held to help Chinese members and Hainan convention and exhibition companies continuously improve their professionalism and extensive collaboration and docking. Encourage Asia Pacific and Chinese members to join forces to take advantage of the new opportunities created by the dual cycle, digitization and urban exhibition construction of consolidating the local market, reducing the international divide and China to set up a leading global trade fair.

Hainan Convention and Exhibition is at a time of historic opportunity for international development

Since the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, Haikou has provided an excellent opportunity for the development of the convention and exhibition industry. As the capital of Hainan Province, political, economic, technological, cultural and transportation hub of the province, transportation hub of RCEP market, geometric intersection center of Greater Bay Area Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao, Beibu Gulf Economic Circle, ASEAN Economic Circle and Southeast Asian Economic Circle, Haikou is an ideal place to invest with vigorous industrial development, continuous blessings and a better environment. UCC will further promote the high quality development of China’s convention and exhibition industry, gain a deep understanding of the convention and exhibition policy of Hainan and Haikou, and promote deepening cooperation between the two parties in the convention and exhibition + industry.

Persevere in exhibitions and innovations. The industry event, jointly launched by UFI Chinese and foreign trade fair elites in Haikou, will help Haikou to focus on the three strategic goals “the corner of the world conference”, “the Asia-Pacific trade fair capital” and “the famous festival event city” to move “.

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